Pre-crime, Liberty dindu nuffin's, no free [CENSORED], 14k MPH choo-choo - News Bytes - 30-Oct-2019

Patriot Act On Steroids: Trump's Dangerous New 'Pre-Crime' Plan - YouTube

Dubbed "The Surge," President Trump through his Attorney General have sent notice to law enforcement across the country that they need to be even MORE militarized and must receive more training on how to identify and punish Americans for crimes they have not (yet) committed. The FBI has a plan to go after "potential" threats by identifying, among others, "anti-government extremists." Who gets to decide?

British Government Retains Julian Assange in a Maximum Security Prison at the Behest of Trump Regime - Global Research

If extradited to the U.S. he faces 175 years imprisonment for revealing American war crimes committed during its regime change wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

USS Liberty Survivor Slams Charlie Kirk For 'Insulting' Survivors As 'Conspiracy Theorists'

I don’t know anything about Charlie Kirk or Turning Point USA other than what I read on the internet. He founded a group that claims to advocate policies associated with the conservative side of the political spectrum.

I hope others in his organization or who share his political dogma don’t share his public disdain for American servicemen whose only crime is to be victims of Israeli War Crimes.

Fake Narratives as Cover for High Crimes. The Al Baghdadi ISIS-Daesh "Fairytale" - Global Research

Western stories about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi are meant to confuse, to distract, and to strengthen fake narratives.

First, the West supports Daesh in Syria (and beyond). It isn’t a secret. High profile people such as Tulsi Gabbard even admit it.


Second, it provides a distraction from what is really happening in Syria. Whereas the West has been destroying Syria and stealing its resources throughout the war,

New York Times Op-Ed Claims That “Free Speech Is Killing Us.” Seriously? – Collective Evolution

The irony should not be lost on any of us that the New York Times opted to publish an opinion advocating for the restriction of free speech online.

Finally The Washington Post is getting called the f out - YouTube

Israel sniper who killed Palestinian child given month’s community service – Middle East Monitor

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the soldier – whose name has been banned from publication – was convicted by a military court in relation to the death of 14-year-old Othman Hilles, who was shot during a demonstration on 13 July 2018.

It is the first conviction in connection to the huge number of casualties amongst Great Return March demonstrators, with Israeli forces shooting more than 7,000 with live fire since March 2018.

Despite Hilles being shot while unarmed and posing no threat to Israeli soldiers, the soldier was only convicted of “disobeying an order leading to a threat to life or health”, as opposed to manslaughter.

ICC head prosecutor ‘whitewashing’ Israel: Finkelstein – Middle East Monitor

“She [Bensouda] was able to reach this conclusion, how­ever, only by, on the one hand, grossly misrepresenting the facts of the assault and, on the other hand, extirpating the assault from its critical context – the ille­gal Israeli blockade and the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza,” he said.

Bayer: “lawsuits from 42,700 plaintiffs served in the United States” – The Highwire

It was recently announced that Bayer’s upcoming trial in Missouri over its Roundup herbicide was postponed. With the trial on hold, focus has shifted to talks of a master settlement in response to over 18,400 cases alleging that its glyphosate-based weedkiller causes cancer.

Chuck Grassley Rips Comey: You Missed Key Evidence In Clinton Investigation. I’m Going To Find It. | Judicial Watch

The State Department report said: “Instances of classified information being deliberately transmitted via unclassified email were the rare exception and resulted in adjudicated security violations.” That clearly says some individuals deliberately transmitted classified information on unclassified systems. Those individuals were subject to security sanctions but the State Department failed to describe who the violators were and what the sanctions were. Those answers ought to be forthcoming and I intend to follow up.

For The Second Consecutive Quarter, This Is What Americans Spent The Most Money On | Zero Hedge

"The RV industry is a great bellwether of the economy," said Hicks, because the vehicles are an expensive and discretionary purchase, easily delayed by consumers who start to worry about their financial stability.

The Very High Speed Transit System (VHSTS), August 1972 - LA to NY In 21 Minutes / 14,000MPH - The Black Vault

The Very High Speed Transit or “VHST” concept was put forward some years ago in response to the search for a pollution-free transport method that could operate at speeds competitive with aircraft. The general principles are relatively straightforward: electromagnetically levitated and propelled cars in an evacuated tunnel.

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