Troops stay, gov. hates you - News Bytes - 25-Oct-2019

‘Mission unchanged’? US to send troops and machines to guard Syrian oil interests, after having vowed to ‘withdraw’ — RT World News

Just weeks ago, President Donald Trump pompously declared it was “time to bring our soldiers back home” as he announced that American forces would withdraw from Syria in the face of the then-looming Turkish offensive targeting Kurdish-led militias – Washington’s long-time allies in the fight against Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL) terrorists. Then, he suddenly changed his mind and said that certain troops will stay, supposedly to prevent the Syrian oil fields falling into the hands of potentially resurgent terrorists that escaped Kurdish prisons in the turmoil accompanying the Turkish operation.

AG William Barr Formally Announces Orwellian Pre-Crime Program

Thus, the goal of the program is ostensibly to circumvent these issues by finding new and likely controversial ways to determine intent. As will be shown later in this report, Barr’s recent actions suggest that the way this will be accomplished is through increased mass surveillance of everyday Americans and the use of algorithms to analyze that bulk data for vaguely defined symptoms of “mental illness.”

Then They Came For Your Mind: The Untold Story of Psychosurgery - YouTube

Family Facing $2,500/Day Fines for Firewood Charity That Delivers Wood to the Sick and Elderly

Lake Stevens, WA — In the land of the free, stacking firewood on your own property can and will lead to your extortion by government bureaucrats. You can be fined exorbitant amounts of money for this firewood even if you are collecting it to donate it to elderly, sick and struggling people to stay warm during the harsh winter. As TFTP has reported, if you refuse to pay these fines, you can and will be kidnapped. Or, if you resist this kidnapping, you may even be killed.

Cops Don't Know Who Filled 125 Parking Meters With Expanding Foam

On the morning of October 24, a parking enforcement officer in Bloomington, Indiana noticed that all of the parking meters were spray-painted pink and green, and the coin and card slots were filled with expanding foam, making the machines inoperable.

The Social Decay That We See All Around Us Is Absolutely Breathtaking | Zero Hedge

Our founders would be absolutely nauseated if they could see what our federal government has become today. There is so much corruption in Congress that nobody is really fazed when yet another scandal breaks. This week, the public learned about the twisted sexual adventures of Democratic congresswoman Katie Hill, and there isn’t that much public outrage because we have come to expect this sort of thing from our representatives.

12bytes: "Of one thing we can be reasonably certain: any society that attracts large numbers of Jews can expect within a few years to enter a spiral of decadence. Moral anarchy sets in. Sexual promiscuity throws open its Pandora's box of evils. We saw it in Weimar Germany. We see it gathering pace in America today." — Dr. Lasha Darkmoon in Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, 2010

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