Spinning squirrels and holocaust revisionism

Ryan Dawson of ANC Report is preparing to release what appears to be a documentary video regarding the Jewish holocaust, something he hinted at months ago when he essentially stated that it would be very damaging to the official holocaust narrative. At the time Ryan sated that multiple servers were being set up in preparation for the release, which seemed to hint that it would consist of documents, however more recently he said it would be a video which i'm guessing will be accompanied by documents.

In the description for the video's trailer, two "authors stationed in America and Japan" had compiled the information to be released. Well, there's only one person in Japan that i know of that could fit the description and that is Ryan himself. Going out on a limb, i would venture an educated guess that the American is David Cole/Stein who is a friend and sporadic interviewee of Ryan's. If that is true, then there may be a problem with the upcoming documentary in that Cole, who essentially divested from holocaust revisionism and changed his name to Stein, only to be eventually outed by his girlfriend, claims that mass exterminations did in fact take place in a few camps known as the Reinhard camps.

There are are many problems with Cole's claims, not the least of which is that he ignores crucial physical and testimonial evidence which disputes them. Perhaps the more obvious problem is that Cole went underground in order to escape persecution by Jewish thugs who had placed a bounty on his head. After his real identity was exposed a few years back, the emerging David Stein had no choice but to face an avalanche of attacks condemning his revisionist past and i strongly suspect that the reason for his recent claims regarding the Reinhard camps was to 'make nice' with the brainwashed masses. In his book, Republican Party Animal, David wrote:

So what's a knowledgeable but disgraced Holocaust revisionist to do? Play both sides. And make some decent scratch. I created two pseudonyms – one to sell books and videos to Holocaust studies departments around the world, and one to sell books and videos to revisionists.

As i wrote in my article, Dissecting David Cole, i don't blame David for attempting to save face, and potentially his physical well-being, but i don't believe the new David Stein either. The evidence doesn't add up.

Again, it is only my guess that David is the American mentioned in the video description, but i'm reasonably confidant it's a correct one.

An excerpt from the video description...

Psych Warfare in WWII became Post War Propaganda turned History In WWII there were 22 labor camps that have come to be called concentration camps or death camps. Of these 22 camps 16 were in Germany and 6 were in Poland. After the war ended the 16 camps located east of the Iron curtain were internationally inspected, the prisoners were liberated and conditions in the camps as in the rest of Germany were abysmal. People were emaciated, as there were food shortages. Many people had died from disease which is a natural side effect of extreme hunger. As the body wilts away the immune system drops and diseases one used to be able to fight can become lethal. There were however no homicidal gas chambers. This did not stop the American OSS (Later called the CIA) from trying to fake one. At Dachau a camp originally created to house anti-Nazi Germans, the Americans built a large crematory. It had not been there during the war. The rumors of gas chambers in the Polish camps were spreading. However, this effort failed as America soldiers had taken before and after photographs.

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