MUST SEE: Ryan combs hair, BLASTS Bernie, Clinton supporters, alt-left (video)

Ryan Dawson of ANC Report is pissed, and for good reason. In the following no-holds-barred video he launches a nuclear f-bomb attack upon the effin brainwashed morons who think Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are anti-war (or anything else they claim to be).

Ryan posits that Donald Trump is the least evil among the three and if we consider only Sanders, Clinton and Trump, i'm not sure i could disagree, but if we step outside of that box, there is another candidate for the 2020 "election" worth considering and that is anti-interventionist Tulsi Gabbard, the democratic combat veteran representative from Hawaii. Tulsi is an attractive candidate for several very key reasons:

  • she's genuine and this comes across in her campaign speeches and interviews - there is little to no deception in her body language, very much unlike every other mainstream candidate
  • she's a military war veteran who is service-to-others oriented
  • she's anti-war/anti-interventionist which, although hated by the pro-war establishment democrats and republicans alike because of this, should make her very popular among every anti-war American
  • while she's a democrat, she crosses party lines by criticizing her own party and her willingness to work with anyone and everyone
  • her campaign is entirely people funded, taking no corporate money
  • she is a SHE and she's of mixed race, which ought to make her attractive to progressives who won't vote for anyone devoid of a vagina
  • she's attractive, as in physically, which ought to make her popular among politically ignorant males too dumb to consider her other qualities

Ryan never mentions Tulsi however during his blistering 19 minute anti-Bernie-Clinton rant even though he generally supports her policies and i suspect the reason is because he doesn't see Tulsi as electable. He may be right, but dems gonna be dems Ryan. There is no way -- NO WAY -- that any kind of meaningful number of Sanders, much less Clinton supporters, could or would ever consider voting for "orange man". They'll cut off their noses just to spite all our faces long before they'll pull the Trump lever, even if their already miserable lives, along with all the rest of ours, become more miserable as a result, which they will if either of those psychopathic retards are "elected".

I understand Ryan's anger and frustration, but i think, and i hope, he may be underestimating the power of the people when combined with a genuine, service oriented, anti-war candidate who speaks truth to power, as Ron Paul did and Tulsi Gabbard does. Granted, Paul never even won the party nomination, but he came closer than many might think and had he been covered fairly by the media, it is thought by some that he not only would have won the nomination, but that he would have had a fair shot at the presidency.

Times are even worse now; the empires wars have been expanded under the Obama-Clinton-AIPAC-neocon reign, troop deployments have increased under Trump and the Syria "pullout" is looking looking more like a rearrangement of the furniture. The rich are getting richer, the economy is in the toilet, despite what Trump says, and unemployment is high and climbing higher, despite what the analysts say. There is feces, literally, running through the streets of San Francisco and Boston, a hollow shell of what it once was and steeped in crime and poverty, is on its way to becoming the new murder capital of the U.S.. People are getting tired of it all. The bastions of fake news (mainstream media) is shedding viewers like cat hair because people no longer trust the clowns running the circus. The question is, have we yet reached the tipping point where there are enough pissed-off AND informed people to ignite the second Ron Paul Revolution with Tulsi Gabbard at the helm?

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