Morning News Bytes - 19-Oct-2019

China's Generation ZEN - The Blackest Pill of All | Black Pigeon Speaks

Twitter War Breaks Out Between "Russian Asset" Tulsi Gabbard And "Warmongering Queen" Hillary Clinton | Zero Hedge

Of all the candidates in the crowded Democrat primary field, Gabbard has been under the heaviest fire from journalists who previously boosted Clinton, accused of being an “Assad apologist” over a fact-finding trip she took to Syria years ago.

Zuckerberg Says Facebook Could Have Prevented Iraq War—Continues To Ban Dissenting Voices – Rachel Blevins

He is claiming Facebook could have influenced the Iraq War by giving a voice to the anti-establishment voices who questioned the US government—yet anti-establishment and anti-war voices in the US are exactly what Facebook has targeted and censored.

Depleted Uranium and Radioactive Contamination in Iraq: An Overview - Global Research

The amount of devastation caused by the Depleted Uranium (DU) weaponry used against Iraq during the consecutive US led wars is historically unprecedented in modern warfare.

CBS: 95% of Baby Foods Tested Contain Toxic Metals that Could Lower Babies' IQ, Study Finds

A new study published by the nonprofit Healthy Babies Bright Future (HBBF) is raising alarms about many baby foods. The study found 95% of the baby foods tested contained traces of toxic chemicals, including lead and arsenic.

Why Is The Elitist Establishment So Obsessed With Meat? | Zero Hedge

For at least the past ten years the United Nations has been aggressively promoting the concept of a meat free world, based on claims that accelerated land use and greenhouse gas emissions are killing the Earth. In the west, militant leftists with dreams of a socialist Utopia have adopted a kind of manifesto in the Green New Deal, and an integral part of their agenda is the end to the availability of meat to the common man (it's interesting the Green New Deal agenda matches almost perfectly with the UN's Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030). Some of these elitists have argued in favor of heavy taxation on meat products to reduce public consumption; others have argued for an outright ban.

The problem with this dietary revolution is that it is based primarily on junk science and cherry-picked data, along with outright lies and propaganda.

The War on Weed: Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for "Corporate Cannabis" - Global Research

Leading the charge is George Soros, a major shareholder in Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company and producer of genetically modified seeds. Monsanto is the biotech giant that brought you Agent Orange, DDT, PCBs, dioxin-based pesticides, aspartame, rBGH (genetically engineered bovine growth hormone), RoundUp (glyphosate) herbicides, and RoundUp Ready crops (seeds genetically engineered to withstand glyphosate).

Moving Forward Despite More Censorship & Fake News - FF Ep48

Henrik and Lana go over some of the important events and stories of the past week.

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