Video: Missing 411 Theories on Disappearances in National Parks by Top Mysteries

It would be beneficial to have an understanding of Dave Paulides’ CanAm Missing 411 project prior to viewing this video (you can find plenty of videos on YouTube). According to Wikipedia, a very terrible resource for truthful and accurate information, a few scientists analyzed David’s work and found nothing unusual in the disappearances, however there indeed appears to be a negative bias among at least one of the scientists, Kyle Polich, a data scientist and host of the Data Skeptic podcast. Polich states that “Paulides … gave no reason for these disappearances but finds odd correlations for them. For example, two women missing in different years both had names starting with an ‘A’ with three-letters, Amy and Ann.”. This statement lacks context because this is just a single data point among many and, since there has been no satisfactory explanation for thousands of these disappearances according to Paulides, which is of course why he doesn’t provide an explanation, all of which meet a narrow criteria, it seems Paulides is considering every possible data point no matter how irrelevant it may seem. Anything less wouldn’t be science. Furthermore, it sometimes pays to be very skeptical of the so-called skeptics (here’s looking at you, Michael “The Squirmer” Shermer of Skeptic Magazine, you lying narcissistic cowardly bi-faced dipshit).

I’ve looked at Paulides’ work only casually, but it seems to me that there is indeed oddities among these disappearances including the frequency among them of things like rain, missing shoes in rugged terrain, dogs refusing to track, no tracks, bodies or items being found in previously searched areas, no bodies ever being discovered, survivors being found with no or extremely strange recollections of what happened and many more.

From the video description:

Around 4 weeks ago now, I created a poll on the community page which was designed to get my viewer’s opinion and perspective on disappearances that follow the Missing 411 profile points laid out by David Paulides.

The reasoning for this approach of asking you guys was for a few reasons, firstly it was the easiest way to ask the biggest sample size for me, and secondly, I know that the vast majority of my viewers are well versed when it comes to these types of disappearances. I know that a lot of you owned the Missing 411 books before this channel was even an idea in my mind, and I know that some of you bought David’s books after watching some of my videos and decided you wanted to learn more; which by the way will be linked in the description if you want to buy them and I can recommend them. So, with that in mind, I believe that in my viewership there is a lot of knowledge and understanding when it comes to these disappearances.

Video: Missing 411 Theories on Disappearances in National Parks | Top Mysteries

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