Morning News Bytes - 17-Oct-2019

Turkey Kurd Conflict in Syria Explained - Part 1

Why did Turkey invade Syria to fight the Kurds? This is part 1 of 3 to discuss the history of the conflict & the background that you won't hear from the mainstream media.

The Syrian Debacle Is Actually Well-Planned Chaos | Zero Hedge

If you're not buying the mainstream narrative, you might be wondering why Donald Trump would suddenly abandon the Syrian border allowing Turkey to invade? You also might be wondering why he would then immediately threaten to “crush” Turkey with economic sanctions and place “thousands of US troops” on the ground if his goal was to end US involvement in Syria? The answer is in the macro-picture. That is to say, we have to ask the most important of all questions – Who benefits?

Ryan Dawson on the Turkey/Kurds situation: There are no good guys in Syria right now - Invidious

Israel demands that US should maintain strategic base in Syria – Middle East Monitor

According to the TV channel, while the US is withdrawing its troops from Syria, it promised Israel that the self-styled Jewish state’s interests will not be harmed. Consequently, Kan insisted, the US should maintain its base at Al-Tanf.

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East” - Global Research

This article by award winning author Mahdi Nazemroaya first published by GR in November 2006 is of particular relevance to an understanding of the ongoing process of destabilization and political fragmentation in the Middle East as well as US war plans directed against Iran.

Debunking Cops Volume 4 - A Foundation of Lies: Debunking Dave Grossman - Invidious

Dave Grossman is a former Lt. Colonel in the Army, he is an author, speaker, liar, propagandist and psychopath. His work on the subject of the psychology of killing, as illustrated in his book 'On Killing', has filled the minds of law enforcement, and military around the world with non-sensical concepts of justified violence and falsified statistics.

Typhoon Hagibis sweeps away bags full of radioactive Fukushima waste as Japan’s authorities say nothing to worry about (VIDEOS) — RT World News

An unknown number of bags, each holding up to one ton of contaminated soil and vegetation from the Fukushima site, were swept away from a storage site in Tamura when the river flooded under heavy rains caused by the typhoon over the weekend.

WATCH: Dutch farmers clog roads with tractors & machinery over climate change blame — RT World News

Traffic on some of the busiest roads in the Netherlands ground to a halt on Wednesday as Dutch farmers ramped up protests against farming taking the rap for climate change.

“Last year you didn’t hear anything about nitrogen, and now suddenly it’s a mortal question,” farmer Micha Bouwer of the Farmers Defence Force told state broadcaster NOS. “These are all people in the city who have two plants on their balcony and say ‘nature is suffering’.”

Rush hour rumble: Livid Londoners drag Extinction Rebellion protesters off Tube train roof (VIDEOS) — RT UK News

Extinction Rebellion’s planned protest to disrupt public transport in London during rush hour took an unexpected turn when commuters dragged the activists off a train roof before staff came to their aid.

12bytes says: Yeah, these paid "activist" morons sure know how to make friends.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make A Rube Goldberg Machine | Hackaday

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