Morning News Bytes - 16-Oct-2019

One Year After "Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein"

Derrick Broze reflects on the last year of his investigation into Jeffrey Epstein and the one year anniversary of his documentary, "Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein".

Watch the 6 minutes that has America searching Tulsi Gabbard - Invidious

Ohio Democratic debate highlight of Tulsi Gabbard.

How the Big Tech monopolizes everything

Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon are under investigation for anti-competitive behavior. However, the government that's investigating them is behind their very monopolization schemes they seek to stop.

My List Of Demands – Caitlin Johnstone

I want to live in a world where being a manipulator is more shameful than being the victim of manipulation.

I want to live in a world where manipulation of any kind stands out as weird and creepy.

I want to live in a world where the subtleties of sovereignty are understood by kindergarteners.

I want to live in a world where ...

Dutch family found living in cellar for 9 YEARS waiting for ‘end of days’ & unaware other people still existed — RT World News

The siblings lived in the basement of the house, which was only accessible through a hidden staircase behind a cupboard in the living room, and were reportedly unaware there were other people in the world. The house itself was isolated by a canal, accessible by a single bridge, and secured by a locked gate. Neighbors who tried to investigate found that the property was dotted with surveillance cameras.

Bears Kept Stealing Honey From A Man's Bee Farm, So He Turned Them Into Honey Tasters (video)

While trying to figure out a way to outsmart the curious animals, Sedef came up with a genius idea: he decided to turn the bears into honey tasters. After all, they do love a good honey. He set up a table with four kinds of honey to tempt the bears. He was not disappointed with the result. It turns out, the bears have quite an expensive taste.

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