Morning News Bytes – 10-Oct-2019

CIA Strategy of Backing Syrian Kurds Explained (video)

In 2018, I explained the CIA strategy of transferring covert support from ISIS to overt support for the Syrian Kurds & SDF coalition. Warnings that I gave about how the strategy would play out have become today's reality.

Ellen DeGeneres and the Absolution of War Criminals – American Herald Tribune

Bipartisan "civility" is the real story behind the so-called "Resistance" to Donald Trump. War criminals have coalesced in opposition to Trump, not to stop his pro-billionaire tax policies or his wars against Venezuela, Iran, or Yemen, but to render the so-called "outsider" president a complete servant of the bipartisan agenda of endless war. War criminals such as George W. Bush, James Clapper, William Kristol, and a host of others have seen their reputations rehabilitated by the corporate Democratic Party. Millions of people marched against the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003. In 2019, the white liberal elite feel more than comfortable hugging and embracing the very architects of those wars so long as it leads to a weakened Trump Administration and a more "civil" rule of the rich.

WHO: 'Unprecedented' attacks against healthcare by Israel forces in 2018 – Middle East Monitor

The WHO noted that "Palestinians living under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are exposed to high levels of violence", with 299 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in 2018, and 31,723 injured (mostly in the context of Great March of Return protests in Gaza).

Moreover, the WHO reported, 2018 saw "an unprecedented 432 attacks against healthcare in the West Bank and Gaza Strip".

"In Gaza alone, three health workers were killed and 570 injured, 41 with live ammunition, while providing care to those injured in Gaza's Great March of Return," the WHO stated.

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