Tulsi gets a well deserved verbal ass kicking

As the world is apparently aware of by now, Ellen DeGenerate attended a football game with none other than George W. Bush (the 'W' standing for Warmonger) and received a well deserved kick in the ass for it.

Apparently some shortsighted moron in the Tulsi Gabbard campaign didn't get the memo because the Ellen-Bush romance video was posted to her YouTube channel. And if it was Tulsi herself that OK'd the post, then she's the short-sighted moron.

The well deserved backlash was immediate and harsh…

Hooda Thunkett

Haven't we all been kind to Bush? (he's not in prison for his atrocious war crimes)

Paul's Philosophy

There is disagreement and then there is killing a quarter of a million civilians in a war based on lies.


Yeah lets be kind to serial rapists, to mass murderers, to people who lied us into wars and killed our children. Great logic.

Mark Mirabella

"We're all different" true. Some of us committed war crimes and others did not.

Left Box Anderson

We don't need to be nice to war criminals. We need to place them into prison for destabilizing the Middle East and creating the migrant crisis happening in the E.U. right now.


Wow, seriously? If my neighbor murdered a family down the street, and was never sent to jail, I'm not gonna be hanging out and laughing with him.


Those people applauding Ellen would never laugh with someone who tortured animals… but war crimes are A-OK!

Lindsay Compton

Well that is expert level emotional manipulation to ensure powerful people are never held accountable. How can you be this dense and out of touch on the one issue you excel at


You support deep state corrupt Elen? You lost a lot of votes today lady. Good luck.

And on and on it goes, almost every comment negative.

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