Morning News Bytes - 3-Oct-2019

Britain's Unconvicted Prisoner: Keeping Assange on Lockdown for Neocons in Washington - 21st Century Wire

The decision on 13th September by Judge Vanessa Baraitser in a ‘technical hearing‘ at Westminster Magistrate’s Court, means that although Assange has been given parole half way through what experts believe was a disproportionate 50 week sentence for skipping police bail in 2012, he will still be kept in prison while he is fighting extradition to the US – a process which could take many years.

Legacy of Empire. Britain, Zionism and the Creation of Israel – Middle East Monitor

Tracing the early promotion of Zionism, Thompson shows how dissociated from nineteenth century Judaism that the political movement actually was, as well as the diverse interests and aims of European Jews, many of whom had assimilated in their home countries and had no intention of becoming part of a settler-colonial project. The Jews living in Palestine, meanwhile, were also opposed to the creation of the settler-colonial state as well as the ideology behind it.

Settlers assault 3 Palestinian children in Hebron – Middle East Monitor

A group of settlers beat three children in front of their house in Tel Rumeida near the illegal settlement of Ramat Yeshai in occupied Hebron on Tuesday.

Palestine Prisoners’ Club: 73 prisoners killed due to torture in Israeli jails since 1967 – Middle East Monitor

The Club said in a statement, Wednesday, that the Israeli occupation authorities use several methods to torture Palestinian prisoners and detainees. These are both physical and psychological methods designed to strip them off of their humanity and pressure them to make confessions during the investigation period.

Is political correctness killing fashion? Designers are speaking up against the ‘tyranny’ of the woke — RT World News

The fashion industry has come under increasing pressure to be as politically correct and “woke” as possible in recent years, but some designers have had enough and are speaking out against social “tyranny.”

Tables turned: Extinction Rebellion activists lose control of ‘fake blood’ fire hose and douse themselves (VIDEO) — RT UK News

What followed was nothing short of carnage, but not of the building, of the activists themselves. The fake blood spray was so powerful that the activists immediately lost grip of the hose, sending the red liquid shooting erratically over the pavement and on the people who brought it. The protesters were seen running around as they failed to bring the hose under control.

EU can order Facebook to remove ‘hate speech’ even if it’s outside Europe, top court says in landmark ruling — RT World News

Facebook must comply with demands from EU nations to remove content deemed illegal, even if the material falls outside of their jurisdiction, a top court has ruled. The decision could undermine freedom of speech on the internet.

Putin: I don’t share the common excitement about Greta Thunberg's speech - Invidious

Proving Irony Isn't Dead, World's Largest Military Fears Joker Film Will Inspire Mass Shootings

Theaters in Los Angeles have banned dressing up for screenings of the film out of concern that - like Aurora gunman James Holmes - some Joker wannabe will shoot the place up in costume. A memo from Oklahoma’s Travis County Sheriff’s Office suggests a “credible potential mass shooting” will occur at an “unknown movie theater” when the film is released on October 4. If it does, we can expect blame to be placed everywhere except where it belongs. Angry young men will keep killing innocent people, abroad and at home, until the country wakes up to the reality that endless war leaves the aggressor nation in ruins.

Ceres Spots: October 2019 Time Cross - Farsight - Invidious

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