Morning News Bytes - 29-Sep-2019

CIA, Climate And Conspiracy: More Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

Anyone who claims to oppose Trump and support the free press, yet doesn’t aggressively fight the Trump administration’s agenda to imprison a journalist for exposing US war crimes, is a lying hypocrite.


All Democrats know these impeachment shenanigans will never result in his removal from office, regardless of what they pretend. Trump’s "opposition" only ever attacks him in ways they know won’t actually hurt him. It’s like pro wrestling.

May 2019: Progressives get to choose between Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson.
September 2019: Progressives get to choose between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.
May 2020: Progressives get to choose between Elizabeth Warren and fuck you.

12bytes says: I agree with Caitlin's statement that "Trump’s "opposition" only ever attacks him in ways they know won’t actually hurt him.". The democrats pushed the Russiagate nonsense for two three years and, nothing, yet the Trump-Russia connections are abundant and it's getting a little hard for me to imagine that the Russian-Jewish mafia didn't interfere in the 2016 election. Thing is, no one in government or the mainstream media will investigate this collusion because it leads right back to government and the mainstream media. See Trump's Ties To Russia Part 2 - The Russian Mafia and TRUMP TOWER MOSCOW DEAL, both by Jake Morphonios. Trump is also mentioned in Gus Russo's book, Supermob, which details how the Russian Jews set up their organized criminal network in the U.S..

‘They got caught!’ Trump reacts to report that whistleblowers exempted from need to have firsthand info as part of ‘RECENT’ update — RT USA News

The Friday bombshell alleges that the intelligence community “secretly gutted” the requirement for whistleblowers to be in possession of firsthand knowledge of whatever they want to report.

Here is the dirt Trump wanted from Zelensky about the Bidens and why Zelensky doesn’t want to give it to him — hidden by rampant falsehoods in the press | The Vineyard of the Saker

Basically, the new Russiagate charges to replace Trump by Pence, Ukrainegate (as those charges were presented by the CIA ‘whistleblower’ on August 12th and published on September 26th), represent all of the Democratic Party’s billionaires, and many of the Republican Party’s ones, as well. It’s the pinnacle of the Obama-versus-Trump feud, because it represents the Democratic Party’s position on what was Obama’s top international achievement — his conquest (via a coup) against Ukraine. Trump refuses to condemn Obama’s coup against Ukraine, but if he cared about the truth, he would, and the worst that could happen to him then would be that, for once in his life, he’d be fighting for truth, and not just for himself. Apparently, that’s too big a leap for him to take.

Nestle Steps Up Testing After Finding High Levels Of Dangerous Weedkiller In Coffee Beans | Zero Hedge

For those who aren't familiar with the controversial agro-chemical, Glyphosate has found itself at the center of a flood of lawsuits against Monsanto and its new owner, Bayer, as alleged victims claim that Roundup causes cancer. After buying Monsanto for $63 billion, Bayer is facing billions of dollars of lawsuits that have hammered the company's shares.

Study Links Autism to Chemical in Processed Foods

A study published by researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF), suggests a possible connection between autism and processed foods. The research was published in June of 2019 in the journal, Scientific Reports, and focused on one specific preservative known as propionic acid (PPA), which is ubiquitous in processed foods.

The Untold Story of the Trump-Ukraine ‘Scandal’: The Routine Corruption of US Foreign Policy – Consortiumnews

We know from the leaked, early 2014 telephone conversation between Victoria Nuland, then assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, and Geoffrey Pyatt, then U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, that then Vice President Biden played a role in “midwifing” the U.S.-backed overthrow of an elected Ukrainian government soon after that conversation.

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