News Bytes - Tulsi and Trump - 25-Sep-2019

Tulsi Gabbard Qualifies For Upcoming October Debate

12bytes says: Tulsi is the only genuine anti-war candidate that has a chance of winning the "election". To those that think Berni Sanders is the answer to your problems, as the ignorant, uniformed Kim Iverson does in the following video, you need to look at his VOTING RECORD. Bernie has voted to fund almost every war. He is not anti-war, nor anti-interventionist. He may be anti-Zionist, but that's not enough.

Video title: Bernie Sanders Woodshed uncensored (Ryan Dawson)

Democrats Launch formal Impeachment Inquiry into Trump

12bytes says: The 'ignorant, uniformed Kim Iverson' may have gained a few dozen IQ points since my post above. In this video she points out something that went through my head earlier today, which is that the democrats are attempting to impeach Trump in order to secure his re-elected. Crazy? Watch and listen...

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