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PewDiePie, apparently one of the most relevant YouTube'ers ever, and who couldn't have been more irrelevant in my mind, is certainly not a name i ever thought would make an appearance at

I became aware of PewDiePie after the Christchurch shooter plugged him in his video, then saw mention of him again (and again) in my news feeds, all of which i happily ignored. Today i saw the article by Jim Goad in Taki's whose news feed i subscribe to because David Cole writes for them and i finally gave in. I half-heartedly clicked the link and read the article and i'm glad i did, which is why i mention it here.

Jim posits that PewDiePie's change of heart regarding his proposed $50k donation to the racist international terrorist organization, the Anti-Defamation League, may have been a huge troll job that PewDiePie planned all along. If that is the case, and it doesn't seem overly unlikely that it isn't, then my admiration for the guy is no longer in the red.

In addition to Jim's article, i would also highlight the amount of PewDiePie's donation, $50,000. Apparently the guy is a multi-millionaire, so why 50,000? Well, it just so happens that the Red Cross puts the number of deaths at Auschwitz at 52,389. Coincidence? Perhaps so, but the drama certainly reaches a climactic level if it isn't. Auschwitz is the epicenter of the fabricated Jewish holocaust. Is PewDiePie a revisionist?

1979 Red Cross Records: Holocaust Deaths
Red Cross briefing document detailing the estimated number of deaths in German controlled concentration camps

Gaming the ADL - Taki's Magazine

You probably have heard of the Anti-Defamation League, AKA the ADL. If not, the mainstream press will immediately spring to attention and inform you that they are an “anti-hate charity,” an “anti-hate group,” an “anti-hate group,” (hey, I’m not the one being redundant here), an “anti-hate group,” and a “Jewish anti-hate group.” You won’t hear much about them being founded to rehabilitate the reputation of a Jewish factory owner in Atlanta who was convicted of raping and murdering a 13-year-old white girl, nor of the fact that Jewish mobsters such as Meyer Lansky and Moe Dalitz filled their coffers for decades.

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