2 thoughts on “Remembering 9-11 w/ Christopher Bollyn (video) – Know More News”

  1. I have been trying to research 9/11 for many years now and, particularly in the last few months, I have been scratching my head over all the different claims and analysis. Of course it’s clear that WTC 7 was billowing with smoke and there were fires raging through the building, so I understand your concern about the new UAF study being flawed and appreciate your nuanced take on this event. At this point, I don’t know if the physics of the building collapses are as important as the actual people who committed the crimes. Why is it so difficult to get the facts completely straight on this, and who would you recommend gets this information either entirely or mostly correct?

    1. in my opinion the physics are not nearly as important as the who and why of it, but we already have a lot of information in that regard – the PNAC document ‘Rebuilding Americas Defenses’ is like the instruction manual

      that said, i think the physics are a very interesting aspect to study

      as to who i would recommend for more info, i would highly recommend Ryan Dawson of ancreport.com – he’s done a lot of work on 9/11 regarding the big picture – also James Corbett of corbettreport.com – also Sibel Edmonds (former FBI) of newsbud.com – there are many others whose names i can’t recall at the moment, but the sites i mentioned will produce a lot of resources – Corbett’s work is indexed really well, just use his search engine, or use google to do a domain search (for example, just add to your query: site:corbettreport.com)

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