Morning News Bytes - 8-Aug-2019

The only alternative to diplomacy is war. - Invidious

I will talk with brutal dictators anywhere in the world if I can prevent one of my brother and sisters in uniform from dying on foreign soil in senseless regime change wars. The only alternative to diplomacy is war. #TULSI2020

The Rutherford Institute :: We’re All Enemies of the State: Draconian Laws, Precrime & the Surveillance State | By John W. Whitehead

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

Zarif criticises Washington for continuing to support Riyadh after Khashoggi’s assassination – Middle East Monitor

Zarif also criticised the US’s support for Israel despite the latter’s serious human rights violations. He pointed out that the United States has been ignoring Israel’s human rights violations in the occupied territories.

12bytes says: Looks like Zionism hasn't yet infected every developed country in the world.

US Empire Tightens Sanctions On Venezuela And Manning – Caitlin Johnstone

Reports coming out of Venezuela claim that President Maduro has just seized a shipment of food with the explicit goal of starving the Venezuelan people into submission.

Oh wait, no, sorry, I misread that. Did I say Maduro? I meant America.

U.S. Presidential Candidate Hounded for Saying Vaccine Mandates are 'Draconian' and 'Orwellian' - The Vaccine Reaction

During a campaign speech she gave in Manchester, New Hampshire on June 19, 2019, Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson characterized government mandates requiring children to get vaccinated as “draconian” and “Orwellian.”


The morning after she made those comments, Williamson was immediately attacked by the media and issued the first of a series of apologies.

12bytes says: Read: Vaccines – What You Need To Know.

California Mom Wins Settlements for Unlawful Vaccination of Son - The Vaccine Reaction

Rachel Bruno of Orange County, California won a $500,000 settlement in December 2018 from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LACSO) involving a case where her 20-month-old son David was removed from his grandparents’ home by Orange County Child Protective Services (CPS) and, reportedly, given a “full body medical test and thirteen vaccines without a warrant or parental consent” at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).

12bytes says: The people who mistakenly think that vaccines are safe and effective are those who simply haven't researched the issue. Vaccines, which are generally neither safe nor effective, generate multi-billions in revenue and are not subject to the same testing of other drugs. Furthermore, big-pharma cannot be held liable if your child falls over dead, has seizures, or develops any of a number of health issues as a result of being vaccinated. Lastly, vaccines are essentially mandated. What more could big-pharma possibly ask for?


New Proposed Federal Law Would Make it Easier to Medically Kidnap Children by Doctors

According to Dr. Lynn Sheets, Medical Director of child advocacy and protective services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, a bruise is a “sentinel injury.”

This Will Not Make You a Superhero (or a god) - Invidious

Oops! Twitter ‘sorry’ for sharing user data with advertisers without permission. What’s new? — RT World News

In a blog post on Tuesday, Twitter admitted that it had recently “found issues” which meant that users’ settings choices “may not have worked as intended” and personal data was consequently shared with advertisers. But since it was kind enough to apologize, it looks like Twitter thinks it should all just be water under the bridge.

22% Of Millennials Say They Have No Friends | Zero Hedge

As the Daily News points out, "a 2018 study out of the University of Pennsylvania linked usage of apps like Facebook and Instagram to social isolation. “Using less social media than you normally would leads to significant decreases in both depression and loneliness,” the study’s author, psychologist Melissa Hunt, said at the time."

Assange being ‘treated worse than a murderer’ in prison – John Pilger — RT World News

Do not forget Julian #Assange. Or you will lose him. I saw him in Belmarsh prison and his health has deteriorated. Treated worse than a murderer, he is isolated, medicated and denied the tools to fight the bogus charges of a US extradition. I now fear for him. Do not forget him.

Chelsea Manning jailed for a YEAR for refusing to testify against Assange — RT USA News

Though Manning is now deeply in debt and unable to work while in jail, the judge nonetheless concluded the fines were payable and therefore amounted to “coercive” sanctions allowed to compel cooperation or testimony, rather than being a purely punitive measure.

“I am disappointed but not at all surprised. The government and the judge must know by now that this doesn’t change my position one bit,” Manning said in response.

12bytes says: I wish more slaves of the federal extortion income tax system had half the brass Manning does.

Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

As billionaire pedophile and alleged sex-trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein sits in prison, reports have continued to surface about his reported links to intelligence, his financial ties to several companies and “charitable” foundations, and his friendships with the rich and powerful as well as top politicians.

Alex Acosta Throws Epstein's Victims to the Wolves

Alexander Acosta, known as a fierce US prosecutor of human traffickers, bent the knee for Jeff Epstein and his team of attorneys - offering the child trafficker the deal of the century. Here are the sordid details of how Team Epstein recruited Acosta to the dark side.

Jeff Epstein Case Documents | Blackstone Intelligence Network

12bytes says: Jake Morphonios has assembled a document archive for researchers regarding Jeffrey Epstein. Also of great value to researchers is the connections map by Ryan Dawson.

Google Is Burying Alternative Health Sites to Protect People from “Dangerous” Medical Advice - Foundation for Economic Education

For their unorthodox views, Dr. Brogan, Dr. Mercola, and others like them are treated as medical heretics. Dr. Brogan and Dr. Mercola have documented (here and here) how a change in Google’s search engine algorithm has essentially ended traffic to their websites.

Trump mulling executive order against tech censorship... while demanding more tech censorship? — RT USA News

The White House is poised to issue an executive order addressing Big Tech censorship against conservatives, insiders say, paying lip service to free speech even while insisting platforms filter online ‘hate’ and ‘extremism’.

Nuclear Industry Buying Politicians To Kill Renewable Energy - Invidious

Opening - ZDay2019 - Axel Castellón ( The Zeitgeist Movement ) - Invidious

The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist group working to bring the world together for the common goal of species sustainability before it is too late. Divisive notions such as nations, governments. races, political parties, religions, creeds or class are non-operational distinctions in the view of The Movement. Rather, we recognize the world as one system and the human species as a singular unit, sharing a common habitat.

A Lesson in Culture Jamming - Invidious

A.I. 'RoboCops' Continue Rolling Out Across U.S. Collecting Biometrics and Creating Blacklists

The move toward using robots in law enforcement, private security, and even to scare away the homeless, has been a decade-long trend that is now becoming much more prevalent in everyday life.

Did Bill Barr Call His Shot? Unanswered Questions about FBI’s Foreknowledge of the El Paso Shooting

[...] not long before the recent spate of mass shootings began, U.S. Attorney General William Barr gave a speech on July 23 in which he spoke of the need for all consumer electronic devices and encrypted software to have a backdoor for the government to bypass encryption, essentially calling for many of the same measures that Trump has proposed following the recent shootings. Notably, Barr concluded his speech by stating that he anticipated “a major incident may well occur at any time that will galvanize public opinion on these issues.”

The War on Innocence: Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Court

Since the start of the Second Intifada, the popular uprising of 2000, some 12,000 Palestinian children have been detained and interrogated by the Israeli army.

'Alarming' Explosion of Toxic Pesticide Use Causing Insect Apocalypse in United States: Study

The study found that American agriculture has become 48 times more toxic to insects over the past 25 years and pinned 92 percent of the toxicity increase on neonicotinoids, which were banned by the European Union last year due to the threat they pose to bees and other pollinators.

Kendra Klein, Ph.D., study co-author and senior staff scientist at Friends of the Earth, said the United States must follow Europe’s lead and ban the toxic pesticides before it is too late.

5G & Cell Tower Protests Worldwide - Invidious

Incredible compilation of people protesting 5G across the earth.

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