Morning News Bytes - 7-Aug-2019

Spooks behind Patriot Act, drone & torture programs unite to ‘secure’ US elections, free of charge — RT USA News

One might be forgiven for looking this particular gift horse in the mouth. Clapper, after all, stood in front of Congress and denied under oath that the NSA was collecting data on US citizens, an apparent act of perjury he attributed first to forgetting about the Patriot Act section used to authorize the agency's StellarWind surveillance program and later to simple misspeaking. He has also claimed Russians are "genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor" – not exactly the kind of impartial authority one wants guarding one's democracy. And Chertoff, a member of the infamous Atlantic Council, co-wrote both the Patriot Act and the CIA interrogation memo advising agents on the judicious use of waterboarding.

Israel Bombs Gaza & Syria In 24hrs, FBI Deems 'Conspiracy Theory' Domestic Terror Threat & 9/11 Res. - Invidious

The Skripal Poisoning: Anonymous' Revelations Point to UK Intelligence Motives - Global Research

In December, 2018, Anonymous had revealed the existence of two powerful British intelligence “charities”, the Institute for Statecraft and its so-called Integrity Initiative program; both are led by top names in British intelligence and funded by the British government, the US government, and recently, even Facebook. (13) The “charities” coordinate government and media to implement a cold-war agenda to isolate Russia and encourage a conflict. In January, Anonymous revealed a document that suggested goals for the Integrity Initiative that included the dismissal of Russian diplomats from as many countries as possible and damaging Russia’s hosting of international events. (14) The budgets of both charities increased dramatically before the Skripal poisonings; after the poisonings, the charities carried out extensive monitoring of international media responses. (15)

Political whoreism 101: Bernie says he’ll tell Americans about any UFO evidence if he becomes president — RT USA News

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has promised not to withhold any information he might learn about UFOs if he becomes president, explaining that his spouse would “demand” that he be forthcoming with the American people.

12bytes says: U.S. presidents are temporary employees who are not given access to highly classified agendas, projects or technologies. That idea that (war-funding) Bernie would learn anything of importance regarding extraterrestrial tech, much less disclose said information, is preposterous.

Facebook Denies Shadow Banning, Receives Patent for Shadow Banning

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how FaceBook lied about shadow banning their users while having at the same time been in possession of a patent to do just that!

Mozilla launches Site Compatibility Tools for Firefox - gHacks Tech News

With Chrome's huge market share on the desktop, it is becoming a trend seemingly that certain websites or services don't work well in Firefox or not at all. Google plays a role here certainly, as it is not uncommon to find the company block browsers from accessing updated products or services, or even new ones, at least for a period of time.

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