Evening News Bytes - 5-Aug-2019

Follow the Dots: MKUltra and the El Paso Shooting

Let’s summarize. The father of the accused El Paso shooter, John Bryan Crusius, worked with Colin A. Ross at the Timberlawn Mental Health System in Dallas. Ross is said to have shared a relationship with Sydney Gottlieb, the father of trauma-based CIA MKUltra LSD mind-control experiments, including brainwashing Manchurian candidates for assassination operations.

Examining the 'Multiple Shooters in El Paso' Claim | The Conscious Resistance Network

Derrick Broze breaks down the origin of reports discussing multiple shooters at the initial scene of the recent El Paso shooting.

12bytes says: Derrick points out that there are multiple witnesses who claim to have seen multiple shooters during the El Paso shooting. Such reports appear to be quite common among these mass shooting events and indeed the same reports were made after the Vegas-Paddock shooting. I became very interested in the Vegas shooting for several reasons, one of them being very possible foreknowledge and another being the multiple shooter theory. I haven't looked at the El Paso shooting, but i can state to a very high degree of certainly that the was one shooter in Vegas that was targeting the concert venue. I know this because i did my own investigation which was based largely on math and audio waveform analysis. I suspect the same is true in the El Paso shooting, but i don't know this. If interested in my Vegas analysis, read Las Vegas Shooting 1-Oct-2017 – An acoustic analysis and personal impressions.

I strongly felt that there was much more to the Vegas shooting however and i suspected a possible Manchurian Candidate scenario, so i was intrigued by Kurt Nimmo's article above. Perhaps that explains the missing link i think of regarding these mass shootings.

The Weaponizing of CPS – Lose Your Children IF: You Don’t Vaccinate, You Don’t Make a Dentist Appointment, You Don’t Pay School Lunch Fees, You Don’t Shut Up, Etc.

This weaponizing of CPS drew national attention recently because a School Board President, acting more like a bully than the director of a school, sent letters to parents threatening to call CPS if their child’s lunch debt wasn’t paid.

Harvard Scientists Funded by Bill Gates to Begin Spraying Particles Into the Sky In Experiment to Dim the Sun

The controversial subject of geoengineering or weather modification – which was popularized, and oversimplified with the term “chemtrails” – is once again stepping from the shadows and into the light of public scrutiny. And it may soon be a reality as Harvard scientists plan first ever experiment to spray particles in the sky to dim the sun.

Tulsi's Motive: To Save the People and Planet from Annihilation - Invidious

I love this country and would do anything to protect the American people. Please share this video and help spread our message! https://Tulsi.to/Who-Is-Tulsi #TULSI2020

How Joe Biden's privatization plans helped doom Latin America and fuel the migration crisis | The Grayzone

On the campaign trail, Joe Biden has boasted of his role in transforming Colombia and Central America through ambitious economic and security programs. Colombians and Hondurans tell The Grayzone about the damage his plans did to their societies.

Putin: US quitting INF created ‘fundamental’ risks for all, paved way to ‘unrestrained’ arms race — RT World News

“The unilateral withdrawal from the INF treaty by the US, destruction of one of the basic documents on arms control, based on an imaginary pretext, has seriously complicated the situation in the world, [and] created fundamental risks for everyone,” Putin cautioned on Monday.

NPR Shreds Ethics Handbook to Normalize Regime Change in Venezuela | FAIR

As Greg Grandin writes, Otto Reich, head of the administration’s Orwellian propaganda outfit known as the Office of Public Diplomacy, informed the public network that his office had contracted “a special consultant service [to listen] to all NPR programs” on Central America. Dependent on state funding, NPR promptly buckled under pressure, reassigning reporters viewed as “too easy on the Sandinistas,” and hiring conservative pundit Linda Chavez to provide “balance.”

12bytes says: NPR is yet another mouthpiece of the CIA/government. Read NPR: National Public Radio Or National Propaganda Radio?.

YouTube Censorship Drives Uptake of Crypto-Powered Video Platforms

Lately, a lot of people who couldn’t give a damn about peer-to-peer cryptocurrency have taken a shine to peer-to-peer networks that run on the same censorship-resistant principles.

Interview: Stephanie Seneff, senior research scientist at MIT, on glyphosate

According to Seneff, the increase in glyphosate usage in the U.S., as well as in Canada, is extremely well correlated with the concurrent increase in the incidence of multiple diseases, including breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cancer, bladder cancer and myeloid leukemia.

The ultimate cat feeder - product demo - Invidious

12bytes says: I'm starting to wonder if the SPCA should be confiscating cats owned by hackers. This is quite a project and it is over designed to a degree that only a curious hacker can manage.

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