Morning News Bytes - 5-Aug-2019

Epstein Maps

12bytes says: It is the connections that Epstein has, and not his crimes, that is the bigger story here and this is being buried by the mainstream media.

Longest War in US History Breaking Records for Civilians Killed by NATO Ahead of 18th Anniversary - Invidious

Tulsi Gabbard LIVE on the road - Venice Meet & Greet - Venice, CA - Invidious

What MSM & Politicians WON'T Tell You About El Paso

Americans Should Be Very Skeptical Of Calls For New “Terrorism” Laws – Caitlin Johnstone

All the usual US gun control debates have of course reignited, which is understandable. Alongside this debate, however, we are seeing another, far more pernicious agenda being raised that I would like to address here.

Vaccine Kingpins Rake In Billions – The Highwire

“Old vaccines have been reformulated with higher costs. New ones have entered the market at once-unthinkable prices. Together, since 1986, they have pushed up the average cost to fully vaccinate a child with private insurance to the age of 18 to $2,192 from $100.” The total vaccine market in 2000 was $5B and in 2020 it is estimated to reach anywhere from $59.2B to $61B– a growth of 1,100%.

YouTube Blacklists Federal Reserve Information. It’s Up To YOU To Spread It!

Breitbart finally covers the story of how Chris Hayes got YouTube to blacklist the search term "federal reserve" and scrub Century of Enslavement from those search results. Today, James puts out the challenge: can you break through the information blockade with good old word of mouth?

Despite Warnings, Kids Still Drowning Because of Parents Preoccupied With Their Phones

For years, lifeguards have warned parents that using a phone while children are swimming causes the parent to lose focus on the child, and in many cases of children drowning this was one of the causes

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