Morning News Bytes - 2-Aug-2019

Passionate and powerful: Kim Iversen breaks down Tulsi's triple torpedo against Kamala Harris

Van Jones: Tulsi Has No Fear - Invidious

Tulsi finally shows she’s had it with MSM ‘Assad apologist’ smear — RT USA News

Gabbard isn’t exaggerating – it’s hard to find a clip of her from the last three years that hasn’t included some self-righteous pundit insisting she condemn Assad for “gassing his own people” or “gassing children.” While Assad is largely supported by the people of Syria, at least outside the areas controlled by US-backed militant groups, Gabbard has been wary of saying anything nice about one of the US’ favorite bogeymen. Even so, she is routinely attacked as an “Assad apologist” by Western media.

Afghanistan 18yrs on: Washington's longest-ever war - Invidious

US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks - World Socialist Web Site

The decision exposes the Democratic Party in a conspiracy of its own to attack free speech and cover up the crimes of US imperialism and the corrupt activities of the two parties of Wall Street.

A Brief History of the CIA’s Dirty War in South Sudan - ANC Report

With the CIA’s Dirty War in South Sudan winding down its time to take a brief but comprehensive look at the origins and history of this most secret of Pax Americana crimes in Africa.

Epstein Map 3

Jeffrey Epstein Deep Dive - The Mossad, Fraud and His Creepy Temple - Invidious

Addiction Expert Claims: Giving Your Child A Smartphone Is Like Giving Them A Gram Of Cocaine

“Are you really going to leave them to knock the whole thing out on their own behind closed doors?” asked Saligari. “Why do we pay so much less attention to those things than we do to drugs and alcohol when they work on the same brain impulses?”

So, what (or who) killed them? RT walks through final steps of doomed Dyatlov Pass hikers (VIDEO) — RT Russia News

Exactly 60 years after the mutilated and half-naked bodies of seven hikers were found on the snowy slopes of the Ural Mountains, a Ruptly crew travels to the Dyatlov Pass to try and shed a new light on the coldest of cold cases.

12bytes says: Infrasound seems to be the most likely cause. There was a rock on top of the mountain that, when modeled in a lab and subjected to a specific velocity of wind, produces sound waves within a frequency that has been proven to mess with the mind. I got hooked on this mystery myself and eventually came across Donnie Eichar's book which dissects all the popular theories and why none other than the infrasound theory can adequately explain all of the events that took place. Unfortunately the Ruptly crew "investigating" this at present would rather continue to sensationalize the event than study the infrasound theory, a very possible scenario which they aren't even considering apparently.

Featured documentary: Alone at Dick Proenneke's Log Cabin in the Wilderness | Silence and Solitude in Alaska - Invidious

Shawn James visits Dick Proenneke's off grid log cabin at Twin Lakes in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska and spends two nights alone camping on the gravel beach of upper Twin Lake.

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