Evening News Bytes - 31-Jul-2019

Storm Area 51 is Morphing Into STORM THE SYSTEM And The Government Should Be Terrified!!! - Invidious

The Facebook page “Storm Area 51” began as a joke but it has quickly grown into a movement of truth seekers and activists who want answers and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get them. Storm The Fed, Storm The Vatican and Storm Your Parliament are all ideas spawned from this one joke. In this video Dan Dicks and Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth ask people on the streets of Las Vegas Nevada about their views on the concept of storming government buildings and sites, whether or not the government is concerned about this and what it could possibly lead to in the very near future?!

Let them sail yachts: Why Greta Thunberg and the environmental elite hate you — RT World News

Thunberg, her elite backers, and their court scribes – if they’re to be taken at their word – want you alone, immobile and, literally, eating insects in the name of environmentalism.

TULSI 2020: Protecting our constitutional rights - Invidious

Big Tech, overreaching government, political correctness — our constitutional rights are under attack. As president I'll protect your rights to free speech, civil liberties and personal privacy because they're essential to our American values and must never be compromised. - #TulsiGabbard #TULSI2020

‘Kill 3,000+ Americans but remain a US client state’: Zarif shreds hypocrisy of US-Saudi partnership — RT World News

“Kill 3,000+ Americans but remain a US client and you can have nuclear weapons—even get help in acquiring them,” Zarif wrote, referring to Saudi Arabia. Fifteen of the 19 alleged hijackers accused of carrying out the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were Saudi nationals.

The State Needs an Enemy: Warren Warns About “White Supremacist” Threat

After the largely illusory threat of communism was vanquished, new enemies appeared. Beginning in the 1990s focused turned to the Middle East, first the wholly manufactured threat of Saddam Hussein, and then radical Islam, which, minus the FBI’s staged 1993 World Trade Center bombing, did not pose a threat to America or even its most favored nation, Israel.

The Liberty

Foreigner pushes 8yo boy in front of train in Germany, reigniting migration debate - Invidious

A chilling incident in which a young boy and his mother were pushed in front of a high-speed train by an Eritrean man has sent shock waves across Germany and seemingly rekindled anti-migrant sentiment.

Banks & corporations, move aside! Americans think 'Media' is way more destructive - Invidious

A recent survey has revealed that most Americans believe that the news media, more than any other institution, have a negative impact on their country – findings that are hardly surprising, according to media analyst Lionel.

US & NATO Killing More Civilians In Afghanistan Than The Taliban After 18 Years Of War – Report - Invidious

The end is near (for Democrats and Israel)

The right wants to advance this notion that if you engage in critique of Israeli policy, that you are anti-semitic, but that is the furthest thing from the truth… The same way that me criticizing Trump doesn’t make me anti-American, criticizing the occupation doesn’t make you anti-Israel, frankly, it doesn’t mean that you are against the existence of a nation, it means that you believe in human rights. It’s about making sure that Palestinian human rights are equal to Israeli human rights and there are a lot of troubling things happening there.

Can Truth Be Propaganda? - #PropagandaWatch

Some want to make the distinction between "propaganda"—manipulating others with lies—and marketing—manipulating others with truth. But is this an accurate distinction? Or is it possible to use truthful information in propaganda. Join James as he explores an example of true propaganda from WWII and calls on the audience for more examples.

Mother Teresa’s Order Has Been Caught Trafficking Babies In India – Collective Evolution

A child care facility in India run by the Missionaries of Charity, part of the Roman Catholic Order and founded by Mother Teresa, has been caught trafficking babies for profit.

U.S. Births Are at Record-Low Levels—Why Aren’t We Asking Why? - Children's Health Defense

Among the range of possible environmental culprits, there is evidence to suggest a role—whether singly or in combination—for glyphosate, bisphenol A (BPA), radiation from wireless communication technologies and vaccines.

Paul Offit Unwittingly Exposes Scientific Fraud of FDA’s Vaccine Licensure - Children's Health Defense

If a child already has a protective antibody titer, indicating immunity to a given infectious disease, then there would be no reason for the child to undergo the risks associated with vaccinating against that disease.

To persuade parents that this is wrong thinking, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has published a video in which Dr. Paul Offit argues that such blood tests are of little practical use, and that the best thing for parents to do is just to get their children all of the vaccinations strictly according to the CDC’s schedule.

Alleged 9/11 Mastermind Could Blow Saudi Role Wide Open In Lawsuit Testimony | Zero Hedge

The Wall Street Journal and others report that he's ready to spill the beans on Saudi Arabia's involvement in the worst terror attack to ever take place on American soil as part of a victims' lawsuit seeking damages from the kingdom as a state sponsor.

12bytes says: Let's not forget that there is a great deal more than the Saidis to consider. 9-11 could not have happened without, at the least, intentional complacency within the U.S. intel community and Israels fingerprints are all over this event.

UK Doctors Prescribed Antidepressants To More Than One Million Young People Last Year – Dr. Rath Health Foundation

A highly addictive class of medication, patients who try to stop taking antidepressants often find they can’t and complain of severe side effects. Worryingly, therefore, those who continue taking the drugs long term have been shown to have a high risk of developing dementia.

Featured documentary: America - Freedom to Fascism

Filmmaker Aaron Russo examines the process of taxation and the state of freedom in America. He seeks proof for his belief that there is no law requiring citizens to pay federal income taxes, and that current and proposed identity laws are eroding civil liberties and turning the U.S. into a fascist state.

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