Morning News Bytes - 31-Jul-2019

#9 Krischer Uses Grand Jury to Torpedo Case Against Epstein

Palm Beach detectives have Jeffrey Epstein dead to rights on serial child sex abuse. But after intervention from attorney Alan Dershowtiz, state prosecutors, led by Barry Krischer, convene a grand jury and torpedo the police case.

The victims, continually harassed by Epstein's goons, are more afraid than ever. For Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter, the time had come to raise the stakes and call in the FBI.

Ryan Dawson Interview - Epstein's Blackmail Ring Goes Back Decades

Are We Still Lost in the Cave? - YouTube

Tulsi Gabbard Sues For $50 Million over Google ‘Censorship’ - YouTube

Tulsi Gabbard Seeks $50 Million over Google ‘Censorship’ after Google blocks ads the day after the first Democratic debate.

Twitter suspends Russian embassy in Syria after it criticized White Helmets — RT World News

Founded by a British intelligence operative, the ‘White Helmets’ claim to be a Syrian civil defense group. However, they operate solely in areas controlled by militants fighting against the government in Damascus, and have been accused of having connections with terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda.

Twitter pundits mourn ‘suspicious death’ of Kremlin critic, who is alive — RT World News

A host of Twitter commentators, including a popular CNN strategist, were apparently in such a hurry to put a sinister spin on the death of a long-time Kremlin critic that they ‘buried’ his son instead.

Twitter Suspends Dan Dicks For Saying A Man is NOT a Woman & Referring To "Jessica" Yaniv as "Him"

In 2019 the Canadian government has thrown out all logic, reason, basic knowledge of science and biology and replaced them with the PC Police who seek to ruin the lives of those who oppose their ideology and worldview.

The Manson Murders, JFK, 9/11 And The Psychopathy of Power -- Society's Child --

The CIA's Operation CHAOS, it may be plausibly surmised, first weaponized the Manson family for use against the Black Panthers, then finally turned Manson into the ultimate TV commercial against the antiwar counterculture. When Manson and one of his CIA handlers, Reeve Whitson, rearranged the Tate murders crime scene before anyone else got there, they were literally setting the stage for the upcoming theatrical production.

Joe Biden Fueled the Latin American Migration Crisis – Consortiumnews

[...] Biden’s plan for Colombia has contributed directly to the country’s transformation into a hyper-militarized bastion of right-wing rule, enhancing the power and presence of the notoriously brutal armed forces while failing miserably in its anti-narcotic and reformist objectives.

This year alone, more than 50 human rights defenders were killed in Colombia in the first four months of 2019, while coca production is close to record levels. And as Colombian peace activists lamented in interviews with The Grayzone, the U.S. is still in complete control of Bogotá’s failed anti-drug policy, thanks largely to Plan Colombia.

Dismissed! Judge throws out Democrat lawsuit against Trump campaign, Russia & WikiLeaks — RT USA News

Arguments by the Democratic National Committee in a lawsuit against Russia, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign over the 2016 election were “entirely divorced” from facts, a federal judge in New York said as he threw out the case.

Disturbing New Report Reveals How Many Environmental Activists Are Murdered Each Week

“These are ordinary people trying to protect their homes and livelihoods, and standing up for the health of our planet,” Global Witness reported. “Often their land is violently grabbed to produce goods used and consumed across the world every day, from food, to mobile phones, to jewelery.”

Featured documentary: A Profile In Courage, Congressman Neil Gallagher - YouTube

Neil Gallagher is the only man alive who not only was a close personal friend of John F. Kennedy, but fought the apparatus associated with the assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK, as a member of Congress. Miraculously, he was able to continue fighting, unlike others who joined him in the struggle. Even more miraculous, he is still alive today to tell of it.

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