Morning News Bytes - 30-Jul-2019

With Criticism Crushed in the West, Israel Can Enjoy Its Impunity - Original

Recent events have shone a spotlight not only on how Israel is intensifying its abuse of Palestinians under its rule, but the utterly depraved complicity of western governments in its actions.

Tulsi Gabbard's Chance to Make the Race About the Wars - Original

Part of Gabbard’s problem is her misdiagnosis of the origin of the threat. The terrorists’ war against the U.S. is not motivated by “radical Islam,” but radical politics. As we all know because everybody knows: Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan backed them in Afghanistan, Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton caused them to turn on us by occupying Saudi Arabia to bomb Iraq for 10 years (Bill also backed them in Bosnia and Kosovo).

Refusing to be Silent, Parents Come Forward to Describe How their Children Suffered Painful Deaths After Being Vaccinated

She was 6 weeks old. She had a 5 minute seizure 2 hours after the vaccine, and another one- two hours after that. Lorrin had what is referred to as a “Hot” lot. There were 30 children who had seizures reported to VAERS, or worse and 10 surrounding deaths reported. The CDC, states that only 1% of injuries are actually reported.

Lorrin had severe brain damage from the vaccine. She never walked or talked. She communicated by blinking. She was cortically blind and breathed out of a hole in her neck and was fed by a feeding tube.

The Information War is Over and We Have Lost. Change My Mind.

The ability to view alternative ideas and contrary opinions and come to our own conclusions is the basis of cognitive liberty. Big tech is now turning the screws and making sure that no one using their platforms will find these alternative viewpoints. Sure, there will be ways to get this information out, but most people will never even know that it exists. This battle in the information war has been lost. Change my mind.

The Anne Frank Story 75 years out, "On hold until further notice. "

Official history is that all non-working Jewish people arriving at Auschwitz were murdered by being "gassed." But of the eight people from the Annex at Prinsengracht 263, not one was killed in a gas chamber. Instead, five of the eight were transported back to Germany-Austria in November 1944.

The pattern is the same with other groups closely associated with Anne Frank such as the 4 members of the Geiringers family and Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper. Of this sample of detainees, no one gassed, most were sent out of Auschwitz, and many died of the extreme conditions at the end of the War.

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