Morning News Bytes - 29-Jul-2019

Waxing Your Balls for Social Justice - Taki's Magazine

Even weirder is when the fantasy translates into real-life action, as in Yaniv’s recent application for a permit to host a topless pool party with children aged 12 and over where parents are not permitted because Yaniv says he wishes to foster a “safe and inclusive” environment.

What “The Sex Talk” Looks Like Now - Alternatino - Invidious

A father realizes that he should’ve done his homework before trying to talk to his son about the birds and the bees.

Where Does It End? New 'Monarch' Brain Device Approved for ADHD - Invidious

Lendman: House Opposes the Constitutional Right to Boycott Israel - 21st Century Wire

“Actions by Congress, like passing H Res 246, which ignore reality and effectively support military occupation, violations of international humanitarian law, and the subjugation of the Palestinian population, does not strengthen Israel, but it does damage the standing of the US House in the eyes of the world.”

Guido? Guaido? Neoliberalism's Sacrificial Lamb Scrambles to Prove Himself Worthy of a Name

The US’ support for Venezuelan National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó’s coup may not be as solid as it looks. While Vice President Mike Pence personally gave Guaidó the go-ahead to declare himself president in a phone call earlier this week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo apparently doesn’t even know the American puppet’s name, referring to him as “interim president Juan Guido.”

Silicon Censorship on the Ripple Hat Swapcast

James Corbett, Ricky Varandas and Sam Tripoli team up for another roundtable swapcast. This time, they discuss online censorship, where it's going and what it means for the web.

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