Evening News Bytes - 24-Jul-2019

Ben Swann ON: Investigation Now Underway Over Epstein's 2013 "Work Arrest" - Invidious

LEAKED PAPER: EU Online Crackdown Even WORSE Than We Thought

Writer and journalist Glyn Moody joins us today to discuss his recent TechDirt article, "EU Looking To Regulate Everything Online, And To Make Sites Proactively Remove Material." We discuss the recently-passed EU copyright directive, including the imposition of upload filters, and the recently-leaked working paper on the EU Digital Services Act. We also remember some of the successes that protesters have had in the wake of internet-killing copyright legislation in the past.

End Forever War? Divest Zionism

The AIPAC servitors in Congress believe the ability to confront Israel’s apartheid must be criminalized, even at the expense of the Constitution they supposedly swore an oath to uphold (and this has been a joke for some time).

Wikipedia is Ruled by Skeptics with Biased Agendas: Wrong on 90% of Medical Advice

You may think Wikipedia — originally funded with revenue from soft-core pornography1 — is the best thing since Cliff Notes, with quick and easy access to all the facts and news you ever needed to know. Some believe Wikipedia is even better than Encyclopedia Britannica; indeed, Wikipedia’s founders intended it to be a replacement for it. But is Wikipedia really a trustworthy source?

Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is “dangerous,” “taking sides” – Project Veritas

(New York City) Project Veritas has published an on-the-record interview with an insider who works at Google named Greg Coppola. This video interview follows a series of insider Google reports, including internal Google documents, recently published by Project Veritas which exposed political bias, “algorithmic unfairness,” and the use of “blacklists” at YouTube.

‘Microdosers’ of LSD and Magic Mushrooms are Wiser and More Creative

Specifically, we found that microdosers scored higher on measures of wisdom, open-mindedness and creativity.

Microdosers also scored lower on measures of dysfunctional attitudesand negative emotionality, which is very promising.

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