Afternoon News Bytes - 21-Jul-2019

Israel’s Choice for U.S. President - Global Research

If you think Trump is blindly and blatantly pro-Israel at the expense of American interests, just wait until you see Haley’s naked self-interest at work.

Violent Communists Viciously Assault Journalist In Portland, But They're the Good Guys

The entire US power structure is complicit in the vicious assault against Andy Ngo last Saturday. The lying press says Antifa is on the “side of right”1, prominent Democrats like Joe Biden call Antifruits"courageous"2, cops won't prosecute them, judges won’t punish them, etc. Antifa is emboldened because the Cultural Marxist scum in power have emboldened them.

Video: "MH17 - Call for Justice" - Global Research

Bonanza media investigative team of independent journalists take exclusive interviews with one of the suspects of downing the MH17, Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, the colonel who collected the black boxes and much more.

The Dark Side of the Moon Landings - Global Research

A second concern about human space-flight is the huge cost. The NASA estimate for the whole Apollo programme is over $200 billion in today’s money [5] – for a programme lasting only a decade, and which resulted in just 6 successful Moon landings.

12bytes says: The author of this article is nearsighted to an extreme. The NASA space program may have been the most profitable venture in human history due to the technology transfer to the public sector. Environmental concerns aside, the bulk of products and materials in the modern world have resulted directly, or have benefited from the space program, including adhesives, insulation, plastics, textiles, composites, metals, electronics, medical devices, solar energy, baby diapers and much more and NASA is still at it. While there are indeed major concerns with NASA (Never A Straight Answer) as a body, in no way can it be faulted for its cost.

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