Evening News Bytes - 19-Jul-2019

Israel comes up often in Jeffrey Epstein case

Epstein, a 66-year-old former hedge fund manager, supported many Jewish causes and Zionist organizations, and was on the board of the Wexner Foundation, which is devoted to Israel. He had friendships with many Israel supporters, from Alan Dershowitz to Howard Rubenstein to Ehud Barak to Larry Summers. And there is speculation that Epstein, a mysterious international figure, had links to Israeli intelligence.

New Jersey lawmakers are trying to amend the state's discrimination laws to equate criticism of Israel with antisemitism

Lawmakers in New Jersey have introduced an antisemitism bill that would prohibit certain criticism of Israel in public schools and universities. The proposed legislation comes on the heels of similar bills being passed in South Carolina and Florida. Last year, the Department of Education administration rewrote the working definition of antisemitism to include criticism of Israel.

Are US Big Pharma behind the opioid epidemic? - Invidious

Federal prosecutors in the US have charged a pharmaceutical company, and two of its former executives, with conspiring with doctors and pharmacies to pour millions of highly addictive opioid pills into the states of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.

A Florida cop planted meth on random drivers, police say. One lost custody of his daughter

A former Jackson County, FL Sheriff’s Office deputy has been arrested and charged will pulling over random drivers and planting drugs in their cars.

Bad Apple? Every Cop in this Dept Has Been Convicted of Domestic Violence, One is a Sex Offender

One of these cops is Nimeron Mike, who never thought he’d be hired as a police officer but applied anyway. According to the report, Mike was a registered sex offender and had served six years behind bars in Alaska jails and prisons. He’d been convicted of assault, domestic violence, vehicle theft, groping a woman, hindering prosecution, reckless driving, drunken driving and choking a woman unconscious in an attempted sexual assault. Among other crimes.

The Government Is Your Enemy Not "Illegal" Immigrants - Invidious

Derrick Broze breaks down the stats around crimes of illegal immigrants and crimes of government.

Ben Swann ON: Trump Administration WRONG, Cryptocurrency NOT National Security Risk - Invidious

Libra - Zuckerberg's dangerous cryptocurrency lie

Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra rides the decentralization bandwagon when in reality it might become the ultimate step towards wealth consolidation and information control of the global Facebook empire.

Soaring Elderly Flu Death: What Role Did the Stronger New Flu Vaccine Play?

The largest study reviewed by the FDA committee showed that the new high-dose vaccine had a 50% higher rate of side effects within the first week after the injection, and four times the chance that patients would develop fever after the shot.

JFK Facts » 2) WATCH: ‘Oswald was known to a dozen senior CIA officials’

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