Evening News Bytes – sex and drugs – 10-Jul-2019

Who's the Fake News now? UPDATE: Washington Post Prints Correction After Falsely Claiming Veritas Videos Fake – Invidious

The Washington Post printed a correction in their article after having been contacted by Project Veritas' attorney.

Revolving doors: Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Joins Pfizer – The Vaccine Reaction

Former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD has joined the board of directors of Pfizer, Inc.—the world's largest pharmaceutical company and second largest manufacturer of vaccines. Pfizer, which posted total revenues of $53.7 billion in 2018, announced Dr. Gottlieb's election to the board on June 27, 2019.

Acosta Cut Epstein a Sweetheart Deal. Now He's Gutting Sex Trafficking Prevention

Since coming to office, Acosta has attempted to drastically cut the budget for government efforts to combat child sex trafficking by about 80 percent.

US Seized Ship Owned by JP Morgan That Had $1.3 Billion in Cocaine in It

On June 17, U.S. Customs and Homeland Security led a multi-agency effort which detected inconsistencies in seven shipping containers and confiscated 39,525 pounds of cocaine. The cocaine has a street value of approximately $1.3 billion. On July 4, CBP executed a warrant and seized the MSC Gayane—which is the world's second-largest container ship.

The seagoing vessel is owned by JP Morgan Asset Management and operated by Switzerland-based Mediterranean Shipping Company, according to the Wall Street Journal.


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