Morning News Bytes - 3-Jul-2019

Violent protests in Israel after police kill Ethiopian-Jewish teen (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) — RT World News

Editor comment: Normally i wouldn't consider this particularly newsworthy, however i'm posting this because it's a clear example which demonstrates that not all Jews stick together as many in the radical right community falsely believe.

Some 47 police officers were injured and 60 people arrested after a spate of protests across Israel over the shooting dead of 18-year-old Ethiopian-descendant Solomon Teka.


The Ethiopian Jewish community numbers around 140,000, including more than 50,000 expats. They have complained of systemic harassment and racism since forming in Israel in the 1980s and 1990s after an in an influx of Jews from elsewhere in the world.

Holocaust Truth: Did Six Million Really Die? by Ernst Zundel & Joseph G. Burg – Veterans Today

When Zundel was on trial in 1988, over his publication of materials exposing the Holocaust myth, he brought to Canada a man who had been there and witnessed the truth of the German camps, a Jew who told the truth about the actions of his Zionist brethren, who dared to speak out and tell his fellow Germans all about the terrible fraud and libel inflicted on them.

Drink lots of water? | Brasscheck TV

Everybody is sure you should drink lots and lots and lot of water to be healthy.

Bipartisan bill aims to tackle rampant child porn sharing on Pentagon computers — RT USA News

Congress is weighing up a bipartisan bill to crack down on the sharing of child porn on Defense Department computers after a watchdog group found the Pentagon’s network ranked among the top US ISPs for sharing the vile content.

US Downing of Iranian Airliner Gone From History - Global Research

This article was first published on July 2, 2018, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 on July 3, 1988. Having found no evidence, Western powers continue to blame Russia for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. Virtually erased from record are incidents like the blatant 1988 shooting down of Iran Air Flight 655, by a decorated American warship.

79 Waking Times Articles that You Are NOT Allowed to Post or Share on Facebook

Around five months ago we here at noticed an unusual phenomenon on our Facebook page. We would post articles as we always had, including many articles that had been posted on our page previously, and later that day we would notice that the posts were gone. Disappeared. Vanished without a trace.

We never got any notifications about missing these missing posts, but if we tried to put the articles back up, they would instantly be taken down again. So we reported the problem to FB, thinking it was a robo-error that could easily be fixed. And more articles disappeared from our feed. And nothing got fixed.

Then we started receiving mail from our readers, letting us know that when they tried to share or even privately message one of these ‘missing links’ from their own personal pages, they would get denied and receive a notice from FB saying that the content they were trying to share was not allowed on FB as it ‘violated community standards.’

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