Evening News Bytes - 29-Jun2019

Defective Human Product John Bolton a pay for play agent of Israel and Saudi Arabia - ANC Report

September 2015 and April 2018, John Bolton received $165,000 from the Counter-Extremism Project (CEP), a group with overlapping staffers, board members, and finances with UANI (Untied Against Nuclear Iran). According to the Bolton’s disclosures, the payments were “consulting fees”. No wonder the Neocon ally resurrected from the ‘dubya’ admin keeps parroting the cartoonish lies about Iran’s alleged nuclear capacities.

German Government to Quadruple Payments to 'Holocaust' Survivors

The fake “Holocaust” narrative and the outrageous Jewish racket it has promoted never ends – it only gets worse, even over 70 years after the event allegedly happened.

Tariffs are a ‘tax’ on American consumers: Ron Paul issues biting rebuke of Trump’s trade wars — RT USA News

US consumers are footing the bill for Donald Trump’s tariffs on goods from Washington’s economic rivals, Ron Paul has told RT, describing the White House policy as senseless and essentially a “tax” on Americans.

Ron Paul Talks Julian Assange, Trump, And Iran - Invidious

Philippines trash war: 69 containers of ‘unique material’ arrive back in Canada (VIDEOS) — RT World News

A massive cargo vessel carrying 69 containers with trash has docked in Vancouver, a month after the Philippines refused to become Canada’s ‘dumping ground’ and finally sent back some 1,500 tons of contaminated household waste.

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