Morning News Bytes - 28-Jun-2019

Assange Concerns: UN expert slams media for silence on WikiLeaks founder's ‘mental torture’ - YouTube

UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has once again highlighted his concerns over the case of Julian Assange, and is now accusing the media of ignoring the alleged inhumane treatment of the Wikileaks founder by refusing to publish an article he wrote about his findings.

5G as a Globalist Tool

Perusing the Committee’s schedule of hearings, the question remains how and when did the genesis of the 5G project occur? While there were no introductory or oversight hearings on the project as a stand-alone entity, it was as if 5G was a done deal. There have been, however, hearings that address individual items specific to the 5G project. So the question is how exactly did such a complex 5G move so far, so fast without public hearings and little public awareness? Exactly how did this juggernaut get rolling? If the 5G project and its massive diabolical offspring came out of Silicon Valley, it would be curious that no representatives appeared before the Committee to take credit for introducing such a sophisticated piece of malevolence.

FBI Files: The Paranormal Collection - The Black Vault

There's some interesting names in this release, including FBI files for Bill Cooper, the Finders cult, Stanton Friedman, Heaven's Gate and many more.

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