12bytes website update

All articles and posts on 12bytes.org are categorized. While each article category lists all of the articles/pages for a given category, none of the blog posts for that same category were listed and some of them are quite relevant, though not enough so as to warrant a dedicated article/page. I made a change that will now list all relevant blog posts for each article category. When one clicks on the History sub-menu of the Articles menu, for example, a new page icon will be displayed (History – Blog posts of interest) that will lead to a page which lists all of the blog posts for that category.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to restate that subscribers who receive email notifications for the '12bytes Website' category will not receive notifications of new posts/pages for this website in general. The '12bytes Website' category is used only for updates to the website that are more of a technical nature, such as this announcement. You can change the categories you're subscribed to from a link in the notification email for this announcement if you wish.

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