Morning News Bytes - Iran - 21-Jun-2019

Finally! News we can trust!

Iran got Trump message via Oman overnight warning of imminent attack with time to respond – Reuters — RT World News

Donald Trump warned Tehran about an imminent attack as retaliation for a downed US drone, also giving “limited” time to respond, Reuters says. Trump reportedly ordered the strikes, but then pulled back.

Tulsi Gabbard to Trump: Change Course on Iran Now, Before It’s Too Late

Trump — Your Iran strategy has been ill-advised and short-sighted. Change course now. Return to Iran nuclear agreement before it’s too late. Put aside your pride and political calculations for the good of our country. Do the right thing.

Trump Orders Strike on IRAN Then Abruptly Cancels It | Jake Morphonios

According to the NYT, President Donald Trump ordered a pre-dawn strike against targets in #Iran but then called off the attack before it began.

How Many Are Not Blowing the Whistle? – Consortiumnews

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now being slammed with $500 fines for every single day that she remains imprisoned in contempt of court for refusing to testify in a secret grand jury against Julian Assange. Next month it will increase to $1,000 a day.

Again, this is while Manning is also locked up in jail. It’s not enough to re-imprison a whistleblower who already served years of prison time, including nearly a year in solitary confinement, for taking a principled stand against an opaque and unjust grand jury system; they’re going to potentially ruin her life with crippling debt as well. The only way to make it more cruel and unusual would be to start waterboarding her or threatening her family members.

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