Yet another 'holocaust survivor': Ruzena Levy

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation

The west is apparently waking up as a lot more people seem to have issues with the mainstream holocaust narrative, such as how millions of alleged victims can be expunged from the official death records whilst the "6 million" figure is still promoted as factual.

Another indicator that people are becoming aware of The Big Lie is the legislation that has been introduced in many countries which make it illegal to question the holocaust narrative, even in the United States and even if it's in the form of evidence presented in a court room by a scientist simply revealing the results of a forensic investigation. As Kevin Alfred Strom said, "To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?".

YouTube is another good example of the mass awakening. The purging there has been going on for years, but the latest push to remove content and ban users which are critical of Israel or challenge the holocaust narrative seems to be far more aggressive than the platforms previous efforts. That this is occurring is not necessarily a bad thing though since those who wish to continue publishing are forced to consider alternative platforms, many of which are less prone to censorship, such as BitChute, D.Tube and others.

Speaking of historical fact, let's talk a bit about 89 year old Ruzena Levy (assuming that is her real name) whose incredible story popped up yesterday in the UK Daily Express under the title, Holocaust survivor's miracle escape after being set to gas chamber. The title reminds me of another story, Holocaust survivor escaped with gems, which appeared in the Miami Herald. In fact, the stories of the two holocaust survivors share a lot of similarities. Let's have a look at some of them:

Both were sent to the Auschwitz 'death camp': Check!
Both are examined by Dr. Mengele, the 'Angel of Death': Check!
Both survive their encounters with Dr. Mengele: Check!
Both are summoned to the gas chamber by Dr. Mengele: Check!
Both manage to avoid the gas chamber: Check!
Both survive the Auschwitz 'death camp': Check!
Both are sent on a 'death march' to another camp: Check!
Both survive the 'death march' by digging up food: Check!
Both profit by selling their story to school children: Check!

Those that haven't studied the Jewish holocaust beyond what they were told in school or through Hollywood films, may chalk up these similarities as coincidence but i assure you they are not. In fact, many of the same holocaust cliches appear again and again in the testimonies of alleged holocaust survivors.

Unlike the story of Irene Zisblatt however, Holocaust survivor escaped with gems, which was so utterly outlandish that even some mainstream holocaust historians seem to view it as an embarrassment (the story was deleted long ago from the Miami Herald website), Ruzena Levy avoids regurgitating many of the same false claims. In fact the very short story that appeared on the Daily Express website is largely devoid of any significant detail, including times, dates and even places. It seems the template for alleged holocaust survivors has been paired down to the barest of essentials these days, perhaps to limit the debunking of the stories. No longer included are the false claims of soap made from the fat of Jews, Jews being locked in cages with eagles and bears, shrunken heads, human skin lampshades, Nazis tearing babies in half with their bare hands, human bones used to pave the Autobahn, et cetera, unless you read about the holocaust on Wikipedia, that is.

People are waking up and the internet is the reason. Granted there's a massive amount of garbage out there, but there's also a massive amount of truth waiting to be discovered.

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  1. Very happy to see you have the balls to post stuff on the Zio cartel running the world, and the lies they use to keep us enslaved.
    Many of us see the lies, but we stay quiet due to the consequences of speaking out… Glad to see you stand for the truth. Keep it up!!

    1. i appreciate your show of support – thanks much – it's not just the Jewish-Zionist mafia at the controls though and i like to make it clear to people that the average Jew, even the Zionists, are simply brainwashed like the rest of us are… or were – seems a lot of people are having trouble swallowing the lies theses days, but it's hard to get a handle on how many since, like you said, a lot don't speak out

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