New: A privacy-centric configuration file for Thunderbird!

A very thoughtful 'dngray' forked the ghacks-user.js repository for Firefox and created a privacy-centric version for Thunderbird over at the ghacks-thunderbird-user.js repository on GitHub, so go grab it!

If you want a script to update the user.js, and you run Linux, you can copy the code i left in this issue and paste it to a new file named '' in your Thunderbird profile directory (don't forget to make it executable).

If you want to use my personal preferences on top of those in the user.js, grab my user-overrides.js at my GitLab repository, then run the script and it will append that stuff to your user.js.

This is all a bit experimental at the moment, so leave a comment if you have any issues.

Lastly, if you want to made aware of updates to my user-overrides.js, here's what you can do...

  • If you're already receiving email notifications for this website, click the 'To change the categories you're subscribed to, go here:' link in the email notification you received for this post and make sure you're subscribed to the Thunderbird category
  • If you're a new subscriber, go to the Subscribe page and add you name (optional) and email address in the 'Post notifications' section. You'll receive an email from which you can edit your subscription.

Note that i decided to notify those that are subscribed to the Firefox category about this post since i'm guessing some/all of you will be interested in the Thunderbird stuff. I won't bother Firefox subscribers again, so make sure to edit your notification subscriptions to hear about Thunderbird stuff in the future.

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