Subscribe page updated & note to those subscribed to the '12bytes Website' category

I updated the Subscribe page with a new category; Israel. Anyone who is subscribed to 'All' categories will automatically receive post notifications for the new category.

Now, while i was looking at my subscriber list i noticed several people subscribed to email announcements for the '12bytes Website' category and i suspect they may not know what this category is for. The reason they may not know what the category if for is because i apparently don't know what it's for either, or more accurately, i sometimes forget its intended purpose even though i'm the one that did the intending. Those subscribing to the 12bytes Website category probably want (i'm guessing) to subscribe to the 'All' category instead which will send email notifications for everything, site-wide (all categories). From now on, the 12bytes Website category will be used only to announce technical stuff regarding the website, such as this post.

So if you're one of those that subscribed to the 12bytes Website category, you may want to change your settings which you can do from the email announcement you got for this post.




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