Article update: The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies!

I updated The Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies!. Among the changes…

  • added HTTPZ
  • added Site Bleacher and associated information
  • removed temporary profile info
  • lots of minor edits

The major addition is the Site Bleacher add-on which is the only (for the moment at least) Firefox extension that can clean IndexedDB storage on a per-site basis. No other cleaner extensions do this because of the limitations of the WebExt API, however the developer of Site Bleacher has apparently discovered a novel way of getting around this. I also tried to shorten the guide as much as i could.

Oh, i'll throw this in here as well; i published a privacy-centric user.js for Thunderbird recently. It's not super comprehensive, nor will i pay nearly as much attention to it as my Firefox stuff, but it covers most/all of the major privacy issues with Thunderbird.


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