Article update: Firefox Extensions – My Picks

Firefox Extensions – My Picks received a minor update. I added both the Site Bleacher and First Party Isolation add-ons to the list.

Site Bleacher is a noteworthy new extension for Firefox in that it appears to address a problem faced by other developers of storage cleaners regarding the inability to remove IndexedDB (IDB) storage. The current (and very limited) add-on API doesn't allow to remove IndexedDB storage on a domain basis by usual methods, however the developer of Site Bleacher has apparently found a way around the problem. While the solution does not appear to be an optimal one, it does seem to work according to my tests. What Site Bleacher does, is it removes IDB data that was stored from an earlier visit of a domain when the domain is re-visited. In other words the IDB storage is set when you visit a website that makes use of it and it remains even after you close its tab, however it is removed as soon as you re-visit the domain.

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