Firefox user-overrides.js update, Librefox

The user-overrides.js preferences file for Firefox was updated. See the change-log in the GitLab repo for details.

Also wanted to pimp (again) a project that i've been keeping an eye on, Librefox. Librefox looks like a very interesting project that is focused on enhancing Firefox privacy and security and unlike Waterfox, Pale Moon, etc., Librefox is not technically a Firefox fork which means the project should keep up with security updates.

One of the goals of the project is to remove the "features" that are packaged with Firefox as well as eliminating it from phoning home. On the settings side, Librefox uses preferences from both the 'ghacks' user.js and the 'pyllyukko' user.js, the latter of which i am not familiar with.

It appears the project is progressing nicely and hopefully will replace Firefox for us privacy folks in the near future. In the mean time i'm letting it bake a little longer.

2 thoughts on “Firefox user-overrides.js update, Librefox”

  1. pasted from a reply I did elsewhere, so don’t take the tone as being at you atomGit

    ghacks user.js is NOT Librefox and Librefox does not use the ghacks user.js as intended

    Librefox simply used our comprehensive list, of which a lot is inactive and only there as a FYI, and quite a few of them as warnings not to tinker with, combined it with items from a few other sources (not even checking if things were deprecated or even correct), and then turned off almost everything it could. I could have done the same in a few hours. Let that sink in for a minute: it’s source is multiple lists, combined, not checked, and contained outdated prefs .. outdated prefs.

    The ghacks user.js is refined, always up to date. The librefox tweaks are just insane with as many changes as possible from default, and many are irresponsible, and many (hundreds) are not even needed. The dev come out of nowhere, spammed the product on reddit (or someone did), got 1.2K likes in a week, and then disappeared. It’s a dead product, and a highly dangerous one.

    Please don’t associate our work with that abomination, thanks

    End of copypasta. Also Librefox does NOTHING that normal Firefox with tweaks can do. It hasn’t been updated in 3 months or more. Seriously, don’t waste your time with it atom baby! You’d be better off sticking your head in a blender … while on fire … with a turtle snapping your nutsack :)

    1. yeah, i saw the dev went AWOL apparently – as for the un-polished-ness of the project, i assumed that was due to it being so new – it was a lot of discussion at that point – as for the “does NOTHING that normal Firefox with tweaks can do”, grant so, but it would have meant a lot less work for users by delivering a pre-hardened Firefox

      whatever the case, it doesn’t look good for Librefox – i had high hopes, but i wasn’t spending time on it other than mostly spying on the issues to see what was happening

      thanks for the comment

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