Article update: Firefox Extensions – My Picks

The Firefox Extensions – My Picks article was updated. Here's the latest changes:

  • removed Cookie AutoDelete
  • removed Awesome RSS (broken at the moment)
  • removed Linkificator – all of these text linkify add-ons seem to have problems
  • removed YouTube Feeds
  • removed 'Clean image links' code for Header Editor
  • replaced Smart HTTPS with HTTPZ
  • replaced Dark Reader with Dark Background and Light Text
  • replaced Neat URL with ClearURLs
  • added Disable Tab Detach
  • edited the Header Editor section for removing ETag headers
  • misc. cleanup and polishing

The removal of Cookie AutoDelete marks the end (i hope) of the 'cookie' storage cleaners, none of which were able to remove all data stored for a domain because of a shortcoming in the WebExtension API. Instead i have been experimenting with containers and what Mozilla calls First Party Isolation (FPI – more here), a privacy feature which was apparently ported over from the Tor project under the name Cross-Origin Identifier Unlinkability. With FPI enabled via the preferences privacy.firstparty.isolate (and privacy.firstparty.isolate.restrict_opener_access), the data for each domain visited is kept in separate containers isolated from each other which is great for privacy.

Lastly i would like to make special mention of the addition of the HTTPZ extension by 'claustromaniac', one of the many contributors to the ghacks-user.js project. This slick little add-on simply redirects http requests to https and it works completely transparently with no options or whitelists to fool with. It doesn't even have a toolbar icon. HTTPZ will automatically fall back to http as needed and i have yet to find a case where a page load failed because of it. By the way, 'claustromaniac' is the same cat that gave us POOP just a little bit ago, another nice privacy related extension, and rumor has it… well, let's just wait and see :)

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