Content updates : The Firefox for dummies guide and a new user-overrides.js

Both the user-overrides.js and the Firefox Privacy Guide For Dummies! have been updated, but there's not actually any super important changes to the guide. Here's the change log:

  • clarified a lot of stuff that may not have been clarified clearly enough
  • eliminated the 'relaxed_user-overrides.js' file – the user-overrides.js is now used for both the advanced and dummy guides
  • updated the user-overrides.js file
  • lots of minor edits, corrections

So the biggest change is that i'm using the same user-overrides.js for both guides which saves me some hassle and causes the users more hassle! Actually it might just take a bit more time to sift through he file, though the better documentation should make things easier. This is the 64r4 version of this config, meaning it's the 4th revision for Firefox 64.