12bytes.org Search add-on for Firefox

Now you can have the information from 12bytes.org at your fingertips wherever you go! I published a Firefox add-on which will add the search engine for this website to your list of search engines. I suppose i might publish the code somewhere, but there's hardly a need since the add-on only contains a manifest.json file and some icons, plus the obligatory signing stuff that Mozilla adds.

If you search from the address bar, which is the default for Firefox, you can either select the '12bytes.org Search' icon or prefix your search with '12b' to search this site, such as 12b firefox if you wanted to find all Firefox related content.

If you don't want to use the add-on, but still want to search this site without visiting it, you could use, for example, DuckDuckGo to do a site search: firefox site:12bytes.org. Of course the advantage with the add-on is that the search results will be up-to-date and accurate, and won't be subject to possible censorship by the Big Tech search engines.

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