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Firefox ExtensionsThe article, Firefox Extensions – My Picks, has underwent a couple of substantial updates over the last 2 days with several extensions being removed and new ones being added. Perhaps the most notable one to be added is CanvasBlocker which falls under the security/privacy category in that it resists canvas fingerprinting. Canvas is a JavaScript API that is used to draw graphics on-the-fly and how those graphics are rendered by your computer is apparently rather unique.


i don't do windowsI also finally got around to writing a fairly brief article about my personal experience regarding my very drawn out transition from Microsoft Windows to GNU/Linux. Included in the article is a video by Bryan Lunduke titled Windows is AWESOME!. It’s really a great watch given his witty sense of humor, but perhaps even more so because he gave this talk at a Linux conference!


Jewish Holocaust MathThe Primary and Misc. resource pages for the article, Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust, are constantly updated. There are currently over 1,500 links to other websites on these pages and the number keeps growing. I really need to prune some of those links. If you haven’t yet read Rescuing Israel, i highly suggest doing so. I think the truth regarding Germany’s role in WW2 and the holocaust are key toward understanding a huge part as to why the political and social climates in several western countries is so very horrible.


The Money in VaccinesThe upcoming article which i’ve tentatively titled, The Truth About Vaccines, is coming along great! OK, that’s a complete lie. Actually i haven’t been working on it for months, but i have been collecting a massive number of resources. At this point i’ve only made a tiny fraction of those resources available and you can find them here. Although i feel this is a really important article for me to write, i’m getting tired of writing about depressing things, thus my slack work ethic in the vaccine department. It will come though. Eventually.


Lastly, i moved the website to a different host which offered a substantially better package. I hope to write an article about this and why shared web hosting is garbage for several very good reasons.

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