Today in the land of COVIDia - 26-Jun-2020

Bill Gates Outspends U.S. Government and Provides $18 BILLION to WHO for COVID Vaccines

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today their plan to vaccinate every person on the planet with a COVID-19 vaccine.

In order to do this, they have received $18 BILLION from two organizations funded by Bill Gates: GAVI and the Vaccine Alliance and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries

A British cybersecurity company, in partnership with several tech firms, is rolling out the COVI-PASS in 15 countries across the world; a “digital health passport” that will contain your COVID-19 test history and other “relevant health information.” According to the company website, the passport’s objective is “to safely return to work” and resume “social interactions” by providing authorities with “up-to-date and authenticated health information.”

These objectives mirror those that Bill Gates has been promoting since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown. In an essay written by Gates in April, the software geek-cum-philanthropist lays out his support for the draconian measures taken in response to the virus and, like an old-timey mob boss, suggests the solutions to this deliberately imposed problem.

Sheriff's Office requests $300,000 in COVID-19 funding for helicopter thermal imaging system | The Spokesman-Review

The Spokane County Sherifff’s Office has asked for $300,000 in federal COVID-19 aid funding for a helicopter thermal scanner, which it says could help with social distancing, responding to protests and reducing manpower needed when policing the county.

UKC News: Gov-Media COVID Killjoys Try to Shut Down Beaches, Pubs to Enforce Their 'New Normal' - 21st Century Wire

The hottest day of the year hits Britain, and surfs up, and government-media complex is desperate as ever to push their “second wave” fear campaign in order to try to keep beaches and pubs as empty as possible. The social distancing obsession continues in the Netherlands where a venue rolled out a bizarre beta test for COVID ‘nightclub’ during the daylight hours, bringing ‘New Normal’ charade to new heights. Meanwhile, life in most European countries is carrying on as normal without all of the colorful children’s signage and arrows on pavements. What happened to western civilization? Also, now elites are conflating COVID with climate change in order to press forward with the ‘green’ financialization of nature and inflate a new green bubble. All this and more.

Compelling Evidence That SARS-CoV-2 Was Man-Made -- Puppet Masters --

Montagnier described SARS-CoV-2 as a man-made "Frankenstein virus" combining various type of viruses. According to Montagnier, the Frankenstein virus was made from a natural coronavirus, coming from a bat, but to this model were added sequences very similar to HIV-1 and the parasite Plasmodium falciparum, which is responsible for malaria. This point might explain why hydroxychloroquin - an anti-malaria drug - is effective against SARS-CoV-2.

To the question: "Wasn't the coronavirus natural?" Montagnier replied: "No, it was not natural, it was the work of professionals, of molecular biologists, it's a very precise work, we could call it watchmaker work".

Montagnier's claims about engineered insertions of HIV sequences in SARS-CoV-2 were confirmed by a paper titled "Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag" which had to be retracted because of "too much pressure". Two other prominent virologists, namely Ruan Jishou of Nankai University and Li Huan from Huazhong University, came independently to the very same conclusion.

Judy Mikovits was a lab director at the National Cancer Institute, and was part of the team that was first to isolate the murine retrovirus XMRV. She also worked for several years in Fort Detrick. Mikovits is one of the few who has dared to denounce the vaccine scandal, for which she subsequently lost her career, her savings and her reputation. She publicly stated that given the astounding number (1200) of mutations between the new SARS-CoV-2 and the source bat virus, the former had to be engineered:

Interviewer: Do you believe that this virus [SARS-CoV-2] was created in the laboratory?

Mikovits: [...] That cannot be naturally occurring. Somebody didn't go to a market, get a bat, the virus didn't jump directly to humans. That's not how it works. That's accelerated viral evolution. If it was a natural occurrence, it would take up to 800 years to occur.

Bruno Coutard is a researcher for IHU Méditerranée Infection, one the largest virus research facilities in the world. On April 2020, Coutard et al. published in Antiviral Research a detailed analysis of SARS-CoV-2:

In 2019, a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infecting Humans has emerged in Wuhan, China. Its genome has been sequenced and the genomic information promptly released. Despite a high similarity with the genome sequence of SARS-CoV and SARS-like CoVs, we identified a peculiar furin-like cleavage site in the Spike protein of the 2019-nCoV, lacking in the other SARS-like CoVs [...] This furin-like cleavage site... may provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population.

In plain English, "gain-of-function" means "man-made". According to Coutard, it is this man-made intervention that enabled a zoonotic (bat) virus to 'jump' to humans.

Professor in etiology at the National Taiwan University Fang Chi-tai stated that SARS-CoV-2 was probably man-made. According to Fang, natural mutations of viruses will only result in small, singular changes, and it is suspicious to see a naturally mutated virus suddenly take on four amino acids. There are four more amino acids in the gene sequence of SARS-CoV-2 than in other coronaviruses. Those amino acids could be added artificially to make the viral transmission easier.

Czech molecular biologist, Dr. Soňa Peková explained that SARS-CoV-2 was man-made, because of its deeply modified "control room":

massive gene changes and transcripts, insertions, deletions, and other complex changes in the magnitude of the RNA SARS-CoV-2 control room, if nature had created it chaotically and randomly, the virus would simply perish because it could not have functioned in an orderly manner.

Norwegian scientist Birger Sorensen and Australian scientists in Adelaide and Melbourne came independently to the same conclusion: SARS-CoV-2 is man-made because a virus never seen in humans before couldn't be so perfectly adapted to humans:

This is a new virus that has never been in humans before, but it has an extraordinarily high binding to human receptors, which is very surprising. It is almost perfectly human adapted, it couldn't do any better.

Artificial additions of HIV and malaria sequences, engineered furin-like cleavage, amino acids added by design, deeply modified control room, extraordinary adaptation to humans. All these pieces of evidence point to a man-made virus. And, keep in mind that these are only the proof brought forth by the few scientists who dared to speak up.

Dr. Fauci and the NIH's History in Experimenting on Foster Children and Using Aborted Fetal Tissue to Develop an HIV Vaccine

When we started in 2014, one of the shocking things we learned was that it was perfectly legal for medical researchers to use foster children as lab rats to develop drugs. Once the state takes custody of a child away from the parents, and the child becomes a ward of the state, medical researchers no longer need parental approval to conduct medical research, and they can also bill the U.S. Government directly to fund this research, usually using Medicaid, even if they drugs being used are experimental and have not yet been approved by the FDA.

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