2 thoughts on “Masks are pointless and dangerous - COVID-19”

  1. This is not true. That’s what my French gvt thought (and most western gvts) too and that’s why my gvt didn’t distribute this kind of masks to the french population (anyway my gvt didn’t have any to give away because they stupidly gave all our stock to Wuhan people before). This type of mask doesn’t prevent the wearer against a virus BUT it will REDUCE the contamination if a contaminated person coughs or sneezes and the same if sbdy coughs or sneezes towards you. That’s why in Asian countries, a lot of people wear it, that’s why people in China use them. The problem is that everybody has to wear one to be an effective measure to reduce the spread of a virus.

    1. i appreciate your comments, however there are many reasons why the information you provide is incorrect – rather than repeat them here, i suggest reading through some of the content i’ve been collecting for the last 2 months, suffice to say neither doctors nor scientists nor multiple studies recommend masks and it certainly makes zero sense for healthy people to wear them

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