News Bytes - warnings, regrets and arrests - 30-Sep-2020

Homeland Security Assessment Warns Civil Unrest Could Follow 2020 Election

In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, potential civil unrest and worse has been predicted by multiple governmental agencies and assorted federal outfits, including the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. Last week the organization published a "supplemental threat assessment" on the upcoming electoral contest subtitled "The Convergence of COVID-19, Nationwide Civil Unrest, and the Upcoming Presidential Election."

Using COVID-19 as a backdrop, the 13-page report identifies the pandemic as the "driving factor" behind "public health fears, economic instability, political dissent, and cultural turmoil," that will persist until 2021.

Yes, Virginia (Dare), It's A Conspiracy: Antifa Thugs Arrested In Louisville Also Attacked 2017 Charlottesville Rally. Did Soros Pay Them? Where Is FBI?, by Jason Kessler - The Unz Review

Recently, I pointed out that the Antifa groups that attacked the 2017 Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville VA were also key to this summer's BLM riots. Now arrests during the current Breonna Taylor riots in Louisville KY have proved my point: notably Sean Gerwing Liter and his girlfriend Holly McGlawn-Zoller—who was notoriously caught In a video clip unloading a U-Haul filled with riot supplies [U-Haul Seen Distributing Shields, Potential Weapons to Louisville Rioters Rented to Holly Zoller of Soros-Connected Louisville Bail Project, by Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit, September 23, 2020]—were also caught on camera leading the charge in Charlottesville three years ago. Had our rulers done their duty, defended UTR's civil rights and cracked down on these Communist vigilantes, America would now be a very different country.

#YouTubeRegrets - #PropagandaWatch

Are you concerned that watching YouTube-recommended CNN propaganda has turned you into a raging imperial warmonger? Or that that MSNBC video in the sidebar harmed you with its medical misinformation? Well, the Mozilla Foundation wants to hear all about your #YouTubeRegrets.

Mercury Toxicity: Highly Toxic, Cumulative and Still in Vaccines • Children's Health Defense

Mercury is one of the most highly toxic, nonradioactive elements. The three primary forms of mercury are elemental mercury (Hg0), inorganic mercury (Hg2+) and organic mercury compounds (MeHg and EtHg), all of which are deleterious to humans and other lifeforms. Mercury forms various compounds, well known for their toxicity in humans and environmental ecosystems. Health concerns exist regarding bioaccumulation of mercury in humans as well as in other living beings.

Bioweapon Labs Get More NIH Funding for Deadly 'Research' - LewRockwell

EcoHealth Alliance, a corporate-funded nonprofit organization that seeks to uncover novel viruses in the environment, has been working in China for decades, trapping bats and looking for previously unknown coronaviruses that could lead to a global pandemic.1

This may come as a surprise to many, but even more surprising is the fact that the research was carried out via a grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).2

Australian Politician Calls for Criminal Trials of Health Bureaucrats who Banned Hydroxychloroquine as COVID Cure

Craig Kelly MP, a member of the Australian House of Representatives, has claimed that Health Bureaucrats have "engaged in crimes against humanity and they should be taken to the criminal court in the Hague," for their ban on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which has been shown to cure COVID patients by thousands of doctors in the U.S. and around the world.

Elon Musk: 'I Won't Take the COVID Vaccine' - Calls Bill Gates a 'Knucklehead' - 21st Century Wire

Telsa and SpaceX founder Elon Musk dropped another media bomb this week, stating that neither he nor his family will be taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccine which is being fast-tracked by governments and pharmaceutical giants. Musk added that he won't be partaking in the vaccine roll-out, even if it was readily available.

Opposition to State Power Evaporates Whenever There Is a "Crisis" | Mises Institute

Robert Higgs identified the Leviathan as an opportunistic beast, using crises—real or manufactured—to expand its realm, to slither its tentacles into the remaining halls where large amounts of liberty are found. Any national or international event can be spun into the need for more government, more interventions, and more intrusions of its slimy appendages.

Amazon Announces Mail Surveillance And Palm Scanner For Point Of Sale - Activist Post

According to an announcement by Dilip Kumar, the vice president of Amazon's physical retail business, the Amazon One device creates even less payment friction in the company's cashier-less retail stores. Instead of being identified by an account on their mobile phones, customers can simply walk into the store, scan their palm, shop for products, and the purchases will be automatically charged to a credit card.

Amazon Sidewalk to Expand "Smart Home" Capabilities Up to ½ Mile into Neighborhoods – Privacy Be Damned - Activist Post

Despite warnings and consequences, unnecessary and dangerous technology continues to be introduced anyway. Despite its potential for being hacked, Alexa has been installed in cars so drivers can get gas using voice command. Because drivers weren't able to gas before Alexa???

Now Amazon wants to expand its "Smart Home" capabilities so the company can collect data on you and perhaps your neighbors as well. After all, it wouldn't be the first time Amazon did that.

Amid Torrent of Anti-BDS Legislation, Columbia University Students Win Referendum Against Apartheid

In a political climate that broadly supports Israel both financially and ideologically, a student group at Columbia University has beaten the odds, passing a referendum that calls for circumspection of its school's investment in the state.

What makes this accomplishment particularly striking is the fact that Congress and U.S. states are currently considering – or in many cases, have already passed – legislation to do the exact opposite.

Patent WO2020060606 - YouTube

EXPOSED: US Occupation of Syria Now Official - Fort Russ

It has long been assessed that the reason behind US simultaneous backing of ISIS and the Kurdish forces is for the purpose of using ISIS as an excuse and threat to be defeated, only to then carve out a US occupation zone and set up military bases under the pretext of forming an independent Kurdish state.

Under international law, the US does not have the right to divide, separate, occupy, or carve out a section of Syria regardless of what the US occupying army claims to justify its presence and meddling.

Western Australia Can Restrain Citizens And Forcibly Remove Clothing To Vaccinate

Western Australia has gone totally insane, allowing forcible detention of vaccine skeptics, removal of their clothing, including underwear, to be forcibly injected with a vaccine of the government's choosing. This takes the concept of "police state" to a new level.

News Bytes - smearing Kyle, FinCEN, vaccines - 29-Sep-2020

Exclusive Interview: Kyle Rittenhouse Unfairly Smeared by Facebook and MSM?

Google Tries to Burn LBRY...But LBRY Fights Back

Jeremy Kauffman joins us to discuss LBRY, an open-source, decentralized protocol that is helping creators share video content through the LBRY app and Today we talk about the newly-launched LBRY web portal,, and how the LBRY app was (briefly) banned from the Google Playstore in the latest attempt to burn the LBRY of Alexandria.

A roundup of FinCEN Files reporting from North America - ICIJ

North Korean cash flowing through U.S. banks, the complex schemes of Russian money launderers, adult film actors seeing their savings disappear in an offshore banking scandal — these are just a few of the revelations made by North American partners on the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists FinCEN Files investigation published last week.

The investigation examined how major U.S. banks move tainted money around the globe and landed with immediate impact, with prominent U.S. senators and major advocacy groups now calling for banking reforms. The investigation was based on more than 2,100 secret bank reports BuzzFeed News obtained from the U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. The office, known in shorthand as FinCEN, is an intelligence unit that plays a crucial role in fighting money laundering within banks using U.S. dollars. ICIJ and 108 media partners spent 16 months investigating the documents.

You need to see this from MIT. - VAXXED TV - YouTube

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa - Global Research

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has made himself the global vaccine czar as his foundation spends billions on spreading new vaccines globally. While much attention has been given to the role of Gates behind the corrupt WHO in promoting radical untested coronavirus vaccines, the record of the Gates Foundation pushing an oral polio vaccine across Africa is a matter of concern.

CDC Reports on COVID-19 Delayed or Edited by HHS Political Appointees | Union of Concerned Scientists

Against the objections of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists, political appointees at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) edited, delayed, and tried to halt numerous CDC reports and studies on COVID-19. While some attempts were unsuccessful, like adding a highly political review process to a well-respected CDC report series (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports), other attempts were successful, like delaying the release of a CDC report (on how doctors were prescribing hydroxychloroquine) by a full month for political reasons. After this attack on science was reported, the main HHS political appointee that carried out these acts, Michael Caputo, HHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, went on a 60-day medical leave and a senior member of his team, Paul Alexander, left HHS.

Video: The Covid-19 "Second Wave". "Red Zones", Travel Bans, Quarantines, "Red Lists" - Global Research

"Red zones", travel bans, quarantines, "red lists". A "Second Wave" has been announced. The fear campaign has gone into overdrive. Drastic state measures are contemplated, including restrictions on social gatherings, marriages, funerals, the closing down of restaurants and bars, the outright paralysis of civil society.

Coronavirus Cases Plummet When PCR Tests Are Adjusted - The Vaccine Reaction

Health experts now say that PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2, the virus associated with the illness COVID-19, is too sensitive and needs to be adjusted to rule out people who have insignificant amounts of the virus in their system.1 The test's threshold is so high that it detects people with the live virus as well as those with a few genetic fragments left over from a past infection that no longer poses a risk. It's like finding a hair in a room after a person left it, says Michael Mina, MD, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.2

In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The New York Times found.3


Wayne Rohde, investigative researcher & author of "The Vaccine Court," joins Del to discuss how the flu shot fares in vaccine injury court. The flu shot has now passed over one billion dollars in pay outs in court for serious injuries, including paralysis.

What We WON'T Hear In Tonight's Debate - YouTube

Thrilla in Manila? Hardly. Tonight's presidential debate has many hanging at the edge of their seats, but it's not because they are interested in a serious philosophical discussion about the direction of the United States, a country clearly in crisis. Will Biden show up? Will Trump bring his bombast? How many punches will fly? But the debate will be marked more by what is NOT said by the candidates. Also today, Fauci and CDC Director Redfield declare war on Dr. Scott Atlas.

Nassim Haramein On His Latest Research & New Physics Unification Paper - YouTube

Resonance Science Foundation Director of Research, Nassim Haramein, discusses his latest research and new physics unification paper with RSF biophysicist, William Brown, during the September, 2020 "Live With Nassim" virtual gathering in the Resonance Academy.

A song making fun of millennials and generation Z people (Fuck Your Feelings)