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About that U2 that was "shot down" by the Russians...

Leroy Fletcher Prouty Jr. lived a very interesting life spanning multiple professions including 20+ years in the U.S. military. This fascinating man possessed a wealth of knowledge about many notable historical events regarding the military and CIA operations. Having become disillusioned with the CIA, he began talking and writing about its activities. As a side note, which i found quite interesting, Prouty's boss at one point was General Victor 'Brute' Krulak who served in several wars including Vietnam. Krulak is featured in Neil Sheehan's book, A Bright Shining Lie, which is an important book for anyone wanting to better understand the United States' involvement in the Vietnam war.

The public has always been told that the Lockheed U2, piloted by Francis Gary Powers, was shot down by the Russians over Russia on May 1, 1960. Wikipedia, the 'ministry of truth', also repeats this bullshit, as does Oliver Stone in his film, JFK, which is a limited hangout in that it ignores the key role which Israel played in the assassination. Fletcher was portrayed as the memorable "Mr. X" in the film. (JFK was financed by Arnon Milchan's production company, Regency Enterprises. Milchan was one of Israel's biggest arms dealers who played an important role in Israel's development of nuclear weapons which the Jewish state still refuses to declare.)

Fletcher worked at the Pentagon at the time of Power's U2 flight and his comments about that event, along with statements made by Allen Dulles, tell a very different story regarding the termination of Gary's U2 flight over Russia. Prouty's department at the Pentagon was responsible for supplying military support for CIA clandestine operations, including for its U2 flights.

It is quite interesting indeed that Lee Oswald, who had apparently worked in U2 related projects and allegedly held intimate knowledge of certain aspects of U2 flight operations, had already "defected" to Russia when Gary Powers' U2 arrived there. We can be pretty damned certain that Oswald did not defect to Russia as the official narrative claims and, in fact, he almost certainly had ties to the CIA and/or the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). Considering the testimony of Prouty and Dulles in the interviews below, i have to wonder whether Oswald's presence in Russia at the time of the U2 incident was timed to assist the Russians in a preplanned acquisition of the aircraft, a plan which was hatched by the 4 unnamed men which Prouty mentions in the interviews.

Following are some of the key points made by Prouty in the interviews that follow:

  • the Powers U2 flight was not authorized by the military or Washington
  • 4 unnamed men were responsible for the flight
  • the Russians did not have the capability to shoot down a U2 at its cruising altitude of around 80,000 to 90,000 ft. (U2 flights had been taking place over Russia for 4 years previous to the Gary Powers incident)
  • given the low oxygen environment at its cruising altitude, the U2's engine could not be restarted if it "hiccuped", thus it was equipped with a hydrogen tank which was mixed with the jet fuel in order to make it more combustible (not even the U2 pilots were initially aware of this)
  • the U2 was purposely supplied with an insufficient amount of hydrogen needed to complete its flight, thus ensuring the flight would terminate over Russia
  • Prouty's department supplied the hydrogen bottles for the CIA's clandestine U2 flights, but he doesn't know who was responsible for supplying an insufficient amount
  • after running out of hydrogen at an altitude of around 80,000 to 90,000 ft., Powers was forced to descend to an altitude at which he could have restarted the engine (around 30,000 ft.), however by that time the plane was intercepted by a "merry-go-round" of Russian MiG's which forced Powers to land in a field (he did not bail out)
  • the massive and highly valued camera which was "a bigger secret than the U2", and which the U2 typically carried, was swapped with a lessor camera prior to the flight
  • Powers did not know about the plan, nor the various items in the 'defection kit' that was hidden in the parachute ejection seat
  • for security reasons regarding these clandestine CIA U2 missions, 3 pilots would be chosen to fly one of 3 planes, none of them knowing which one would fly, nor which plane they would fly - furthermore, each pilot would be stripped and provided with a pocket-less flight suit, thus Powers would not have been able to conceal his 'defection kit' in his flight suit, nor bribe anyone to hide it on the plane he would fly

Col. Fletcher Prouty discusses Gary Powers U2 flight - Black Op Radio Show #562

For more information about this interesting man, see The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site.

Product review: Hustler Raptor X Zero Turn Lawn Mower

I've owned a Hustler Raptor X zero turn for close to a year before writing a pretty detailed review. The tl;dr version of my review is that the Raptor is a solid product at a very reasonable price. While it doesn't compare to a 15 or 20k commercial mower, it comes close enough to more then justify its price, especially for a home owner with an acre or three to cut. In my case i use it to cut for customers as well as my own lawn and i'm still very happy with it. For the details, read Hustler Raptor X Zero Turn Lawn Mower.

A Farewell To Virology by Dr. Mark Bailey

Doctors Samantha and Mark Bailey are two of the many doctors, scientists and researchers who have found many serious problems with the "science" of virology. They found these problems by doing what virtually no one else does; they dove into the historical record and actually read the original studies and other documents upon which the entire science of virology rests. Mark wrote a paper about this for those that want to know more.

A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition) by Dr. Mark Bailey (2022) (PDF)