serverMon LE

serverMon LE Manual


The development of serverMon LE is driven largely by users like you, so if you discover a bug, have a feature request, or just want to share feedback, please contact me.

System Requirements

serverMon LE runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8, both 32 and 64 bit. There are no other special requirements.


After filling in the required fields, click the Play button. If you want to download a test file, the file should be small in size!

All functions can be quickly accessed by left or right clicking the tray icon. Hovering over the icon will display a tool-tip with some basic information.


Run the installer you downloaded. If you want to run serverMon LE in portable mode, create an empty config.ini file in its program directory along side the executable. You can then copy the entire program folder to a portable drive and, optionally, uninstall serverMon LE from your system drive.


Click the “Update check” label to check for a newer version. You can usually install the new version on top of the old one, but always check the release notes to be sure.


HTTP user agent: The user agent you wish to use for http requests. See this page for a list of common user-agent strings.

Host name: The host you wish to monitor in the format “” or ““.

IPV4 address: The IPV4 address you wish to monitor in the format ““. Typically this would be used to bypass DNS lookups or CDN’s.

Host test file: A small file to download for testing purposes, such as ““.

IPV4 test file: Same as above, except using the IPV4 address.

Query delay (sec): serverMon LE performs ping and, optionally, file download requests for both the host and IP address (if both are set). The query delay setting is the amount of time in seconds between each of these queries, as indicated below:

  1. ping host name
  2. query delay
  3. ping IP address
  4. query delay
  5. download file from host name
  6. query delay
  7. download file from IP address
  8. cycle delay
  9. repeat…

Cycle delay (sec): Each batch of ping and file download requests constitutes a cycle. This setting adjusts the amount of time in seconds between each batch of queries.

Ping threshold (ms): The maximum amount of time in milliseconds at which point a ping request is considered excessive.

Insert header line: How often to insert the description header for the query results in the log file (for readability).

Notification type: Sets the type of notification message you wish to see.

Notification level: Whether to notify you on warnings and errors (Warn), or errors only (Error).

Log file type: Whether to create a text or CSV formatted log, or both.

Max log size (MB): If the log file reaches this size, you will be notified as long as the notification type is not set to ‘Disable’.


After entering a domain and/or IP address to monitor, and changing any other options you wish, click the Play button (F2) to begin monitoring the specified host and/or IP address. As soon as monitoring begins a log file will be created along side the config.ini file (so if you place config.ini in the program directory, the log file will also be located there, otherwise both will be located in %appdata%\serverMon LE\). The log file will be updated after each cycle of queries is complete and can be viewed by right clicking the tray icon and choosing the appropriate menu item. Left clicking the icon will pause the monitoring process and display the configuration interface (there may be a slight delay before the configuration interface is shown).

serverMon LE will always append to the existing log file(s) if there are any, or create them if they do not exist.


Click the “Feedback” link on the configuration interface.


serverMon LE is Freeware. A copy of the license was included with the installation package and is also available at