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AutoClipX makes copy and pasting just about as simple as it could possibly be… — Lifehacker


Copy and paste… with your mouse!

Featuring ClipMan, AutoPaste, and AutoWin

AutoClipX automatically copies content you select with your mouse, while pasting is accomplished by simply clicking a mouse button (the middle button by default).

Some of the feature highlights are:

ClipMan: A rudimentary clipboard manager which allows you to quickly paste from a selection of the last 10 text strings that were copied, as well as 10 additional static text items which you may edit.

Formatting: Automatically strip content from copied text, such as HTML markup, spaces, numbers, line feeds and much more, or create your own formatting options. Stripped text may be replaced with something else if you choose.

Multi-click select: Many programs allow you to highlight a word, line or paragraph with multiple left mouse clicks instead of having to drag the cursor. AutoClipX can automatically copy text selected in this way, but only while the cursor is an I-Beam (restricted for safety).

AutoWin: Learns what program windows you are working with and automatically switches between them as you copy and paste.

AutoPaste: Speed up operations further with automatic pasting! Simply select something and it will be automatically copied and then pasted to the last program window which you pasted to.

AutoSave: Write everything you copy or paste to a text file. This is a great feature if all you need to do is store copied text without pasting it, or just want to keep a backup of what was copied or pasted.

Safety: Automatic copying with AutoClipX is regulated several ways to prevent unwanted copying and pasting in applications you want to ignore, or work with exclusively, including by cursor type, window blacklisting or whitelisting, window control blacklisting and through the use of hot-keys. To provide even finer control, you can restrict copying and pasting by the cursor type.


The old way:
  1. Select stuff to copy
  2. Right click to display a context menu
  3. Click “Copy”
  4. Switch to the window you want to paste to
  5. Click to set the caret position
  6. Right click to display a context menu
  7. Click “Paste”
  8. Switch back to the window you were working with
  1. Select stuff to copy
  2. Press CTRL + C
  3. Switch to the window you want to paste to
  4. Click to set the caret position
  5. Press CTRL + V
  6. Switch back to the window you were working with
The AutoClipX way
  1. Select stuff to copy
  2. Click a mouse button to paste (you can even skip this step if AutoPaste is enabled!)

Primary Features

  • Automatically copy selected content from almost any program window
  • Paste with a mouse button, though this can be automated as well with AutoPaste
  • Select from a history of copied text with ClipMan, the built-in clipboard manager
  • Strip and replace content from copied text, such as HTML markup
  • Paste at the mouse cursor or system caret position
  • Automatically switch between program windows with AutoWin
  • Automatically save copied or pasted text to a file with AutoSave
  • Send copied content to an email recipient
  • Independently select which cursors can be used for copying and pasting
  • Blacklist or whitelist program windows you want AutoClipX to ignore, or work with exclusively
  • Notification options let you know when something was copied
  • Easily control AutoClipX with custom hot-keys
  • Quickly change settings by switching configuration profiles
  • Many user definable hot-keys
  • Option to start with Windows
  • Automatic or manual update checking
  • Highly configurable, yet intuitive and unobtrusive
  • Portable – you can copy the AutoClipX files to a portable drive and take it with you
  • No spyware, no adware!

Configuration Interface

(version shown may differ slightly than the actual version)

Click to enlarge…

AutoClipX - Copy Settings AutoClipX - Paste Settings AutoClipX - ClipMan Settings AutoClipX - Formatting Settings AutoClipX - Windows Settings AutoClipX - AutoSave Settings AutoClipX - Notification Settings AutoClipX - Hot-Key Settings AutoClipX - Program Settings AutoClipX - Clipboard Manager


TITLE AutoClipX / AutoClipX Portable Edition
LICENSE Shareware
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32/64 bit)
DOWNLOAD INSTALLER autoclipx_ins.exe (contains both 32 and 64 bit binaries – the proper one will be copied when installed)
DOWNLOAD PORTABLE autoclipx.zip (contains 32 bit binary only)
MD5 HASH (installer) 08D4FF595BDA07BFE2DF5A2F926E7693
MD5 HASH (portable) E4575B64C9215110159200377BAAD7A7
FILE SIZE (installer) 2.25 MB (2,367,481 bytes)
FILE SIZE (portable) 1.43 MB (1,500,166 bytes)
NOTES To send feedback or a bug report, use the “Feedback” link in the options


AddictiveTips says…

Out of all the clipboard managers which we have featured at AddictiveTips, AutoClipX offers the quickest way. How? It lets user perform copy & paste operations with a single mouse click.

Lifehacker says…

AutoClipX makes copy and pasting just about as simple as it could possibly be…

Softpedia says…

AutoClipX is one comfortable way to quickly copy and paste text without touching the keyboard.

Software Informer says…

If you happen to be a compulsive clipboard user, AutoClipX may certainly save you time and keyboard use.

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