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World News – 21-Mar-2014

21-03-2014 11:24 EST NEWS CRIMEA, SEVASTOPOL OFFICIALLY JOIN RUSSIA AS PUTIN SIGNS FINAL DECREE Russia has finalized the legal process of taking Crimea under its sovereignty, as President Putin signed a law amending the Russian constitution to reflect the transition. source: rt.com SYRIAN HACKERS CLAIM TO REVEAL HOW MUCH FBI PAYS MICROSOFT FOR CUSTOMER DATA…    continue reading »

World News – 16-Mar-2014

16-03-2014 12:30 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE LIVEBLOG DAY 27: REFERENDUM DAY Crimea has gone to the polls today to decide, nominally at least, between joining the Russian Federation or reverting to the 1992 Crimean consitution (a declaration of independence from Ukraine in all but name). The referendum has been condemned by both the Ukrainian government…    continue reading »

World News – 13-Mar-2014

13-03-2014 13:08 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE LIVEBLOG DAY 24: RUSSIA MOBILIZES NEAR THE BORDER Yesterday, Russian tanks, APCs, and troops were seen mobilizing just north of Kharkiv, a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Today, the Russian Defense Ministry calls these movements “drills.” . . . 1437 GMT: Respected Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev…    continue reading »

World News – 12-Mar-2014

12-03-2014 13:03 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE LIVEBLOG DAY 23: UKRAINE’S INTERIM PRIME MINISTER MEETS OBAMA The Ukrainian Prime Minister meets with President Barack Obama, while the Russian government works to control the message on Ukraine. . . . 1430 GMT: We’re starting today with some media news. Russia has very few independent media outlets, and…    continue reading »

World News – 11-Mar-2014

11-03-2014 12:28 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE WHAT HAPPENS TO UKRAINE WILL BE A MODEL FOR THE REST OF US Ukraine names Oligarchs and Gangsters as Governors and Ministers …by F. William Engdahl The newly self-elected Ukrainian government is reorganizing all institutions of power, dissolving the special riot police, naming its cronies to key political posts. But…    continue reading »

World News – 10-Mar-2014

10-03-2014 13:17 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE LIVEBLOG DAY 21: A CRACKDOWN ON CRIMEAN TATARS? As Russian troops continue to swell on the Crimean peninsula, and dueling rallies were held both in support and in resistance to Russian activity there, there are new claims that Crimean Tatars may be targeted by local Crimeans before this crisis…    continue reading »

World News – 9 Mar-2014

09-03-2014 13:25 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE LIVEBLOG DAY 20: A MILITARY STANDOFF Yesterday, Russian troops advanced north of Crimea, taking new territory and digging in along the southern border of the mainland. A wall of troops, APCs, and landmines, now lay between mainland Ukraine the the Crimean peninsula. More Russian troops have flooded Crimea, and…    continue reading »

World News – 8 Mar-2014

08-03-2014 14:42 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE LIVEBLOG DAY 19: NERVES OF STEEL TESTED Last night, Russian troops and Crimean paramilitaries stormed a Ukrainian base near Sevastopol, Crimea. Despite the increasingly aggressive activity of the Russian forces in Crimea, the Ukrainian military has not surrendered, and has not fired at their assaulters — perhaps staving off…    continue reading »

World News – 7-Mar-2014

07-03-2014 10:09 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE TURMOIL LIVE UPDATES The coup-imposed government in Kiev is seeking foreign aid from the US, the EU and the IMF to address its budget shortage. The east remains defiant of the new authorities, while Russia reserves the right to deploy troops in order to prevent bloodshed. Editors note: Other…    continue reading »

World News – 6-Mar-2014

06-03-2014 12:24 EST SPECIAL: UKRAINE UKRAINE LIVEBLOG DAY 17: CRIMEAN PARLIAMENT VOTES TO JOIN RUSSIA Crimean parliament has voted to secede from Ukraine. Now, on March 16th, a referendum will be held. The Crimean people get to vote, and they have two options: rejoin Ukraine, or rejoin Russia. . . . 1405 GMT: The new…    continue reading »