Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust – About the Author

“Some say that a holocaust denier is anyone who has studied the holocaust.” — author unknown (found on the web)

My research into Germany’s role in the Second World War began long ago with my fascination regarding the alleged holocaust, particularly the homicidal gas chambers in which Zyklon B was used to murder millions of people, mostly Jews. My interest was initially fueled by what i had been taught in school, particularly with regard to Anne Frank, and later by Hollywood films like Schindler’s List, The Diary of Anne Frank, Judgment at Nuremberg, The Grey Zone, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Defiance and the lavish, 26 part documentary series, The World at War. At some point after the terrorist attacks upon the United States in September of 2001 however, i came across information that caused me to question the accuracy of my views.

Initially i was hesitant to begin seriously researching the validity of holocaust claims for a few reasons; 1), i was quite certain that the mainstream version of this event was indeed factual and 2), i had assumed that the primary source of information which refuted the mainstream version emanated from right-wing racists and i wanted absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with these people. Nevertheless, i decided to revisit the subject with as much of an open mind as i could muster. As i began reading some books and scouring the web for information, i found that my fear of being forced to rub elbows with neo-Nazi types in my search for the truth was unfounded. While some race-centric organizations possessed a great deal of accurate and well-referenced material, for the most part they were not the authors of it and thus the first myth regarding holocaust revisionism — that it is only right-wing racist types who refute the mainstream version of the holocaust — was largely dispelled. In fact, much of the most damaging evidence which flatly and provably refutes the mainstream version of holocaust history has been published by Jews.

The catalyst for writing this series of articles was the anger i felt after reading the provably false story of one alleged holocaust survivor, Irene Zisblatt, titled Holocaust survivor escaped with gems which was published on the Miami Herald website (it has since been removed). What started out as a single page hit-piece that attacked the long-debunked claims of Zisblatt — claims which are no longer supported by even mainstream historians — eventually morphed into an ongoing project that continued to grow in size as i was compelled to expand my horizons and investigate Germany’s overall role in World War II, Zionism and the history and political influence of Israel and the Jewish people. While i was not particularly surprised that the historical record had been falsified, i was stunned by the political impact this history has had and continues to have to this very day.

I firmly believe that a basic understanding of the truth regarding Zionism, Germany’s role in World War II and the Jewish holocaust is essential before one can accurately assess and develop effective solutions for many of the most critical problems faced by the people of the world today. I think that failing to understand this history is likely to lead to a continuance of the same problematic social and political systems that are currently in place and which lend themselves perfectly to corruption, greed and suppression, rather than developing new systems that will truly free the human species from the shackles placed upon us by those few who we mistakenly refer to as “the elite”, many of whom happen to be Jewish. I must caution the reader however that, ultimately, the lack of education is largely responsible for our worldly problems and not the Jewish-Zionist criminal elite, nor any other corrupt organizations or people. That being said, i think that studying international Jewry and the role it played in World War II is perhaps one of the clearest paths toward understanding the mechanisms that govern our existence on this planet. The time has come to free ourselves from the chains that have been placed upon us and that is one of the primary reasons for this series of articles.

For the record, i am not a “Jew-hater”, Nazi, neo-Nazi, white supremacist or Skinhead, nor am i, or have i ever been a member of any race-centric organization. If you are familiar with the philosophies of people like Jacque Fresco, Peter Joseph and Ben Stewart, then you will have a basic understanding of my own philosophy which is centered around harmony with the Earth and all people.

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